Why Prince William and Kate Middleton's 'heartfelt' message to Jacinda Ardern has left royal fans confused

The Prince and Princess of Wales have shared a sweet message to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern following news of her resignation

Why Prince William and Kate's 'heartfelt'  message to Jacinda Ardern has left royal fans confused
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Prince William and Kate Middleton have left some royal fans baffled after sharing a sweet message to Jacinda Ardern in response to the New Zealand Prime Minister's resignation. 

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton have left some royal fans confused after sending a public message to New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern following her resignation announcement. 
  • The Prince and Princess of Wales took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank the Labour Party leader for her support and friendship 'over the years' and to offer their best wishes to her partner and daughter. 
  • In other royal news, how Carole Middleton's maiden name is subtly honored in the Middleton's coat of arms.

The Prince and Princess of Wales have shared a 'heartfelt' message with Jacinda Ardern following her resignation as Prime Minister of New Zealand, leaving some royal fans slightly confused. 

The Labour Party leader made the announcement that she was quitting the top job on Thursday, telling the public that "it's time" to step back during her party's first caucus meeting of the year. Her term as Prime Minister will finish no later than 7 February but she will continue to serve as a Member of Parliament until the election this year.

Prince William and Kate Middleton made a public statement about Jacinda Ardern's resignation on Tuesday, taking to Twitter to share their gratitude to the 42-year-old politician. 

"Thank you for your friendship, leadership, and support over the years, not least at the time of my grandmother’s death," the post read. "Sending you, Clarke, and Neve our best wishes," the royal couple added, referring to Ardern's fiancé and three-year-old daughter. The message was signed off with the couple's initials, "W & C." 

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Ardern's close relationship with the Royal Family has been well documented over the years, with the politician making numerous official visits to their residences in the UK throughout her term. She also paid her tribute to Queen Elizabeth II after her death, traveling to London to see the monarch's lying-in-state at Westminster Abbey. In a September 2022 interview with the BBC, Ardern credited the Queen for giving her quality advice on being a mother and a world leader at the same time. 


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"One of the things on my mind alongside being a new prime minister was being a prime minister and a mum – and when you think about leaders who have been in that position … there were so few to look to. 

"So I said to [the Queen], ‘How did you manage?’ and I remember she just said, ‘Well, you just get on with it’. And that was actually probably the best and most factual advice I could have.

"I see now what it takes to be a mum and a leader – and she did it more times over than I." 

William and Kate's message for Ardern has also left some royal fans confused, however. The move appears to be unprecedented for senior members of the Royal Family, who are typically expected to remain apolitical in their leadership. 

"Prince William and Kate Middleton thank Jacinda Ardern for her friendship and support on Twitter. I’ve never seen them thank any other outgoing PM – not even in England," one person commented on Twitter. 

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