How Carole Middleton's maiden name is subtly honored in the Middleton's coat of arms

Carole Middleton's maiden name has a subtle tribute in the Middleton's coat of arms that features sweet symbolism about the family

Middleton's coat of arms
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It has been revealed that Carole Middleton's maiden name was given a sweet tribute in the Middleton's coat of arms that was created ahead of the Princess of Wales' marriage to Prince William in 2011.

It has been revealed that when the Middleton's coat of arms was created back in 2011, Carole Middleton, was honored in a particularly unique way. Before marrying Michael Middleton back in 1980, Carole used her maiden name, Goldsmith. 

Although she has been a Middleton since she was 25 years old, her maiden name Goldsmith was incorporated into the design of the Middleton's coat of arms in a beautiful way. 

The Middletons chose the design in consultation with the College of Arms and every feature in the design has a particular meaning. The Guardian reported, "the gold chevron refers to Carole Middleton's maiden name, Goldsmith, and the division down the center between blue and red is a little pun on the Middle-ton name." The incorporation of the Goldsmith is a sweet way to honor Catherine's maternal side of the family and pay tribute to her Goldsmith relatives.

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There is more important symbolism in the design and the three oak leaves are supposed to symbolize Catherine and her siblings, Phillipa, and James. The oak leaves are also meant to signify Englishness and strength and are common in the area near where the Middleton family lives in Bucklebury.

Bucklebury is home to the Avenue of Oaks across from Bucklebury Common, in Berkshire. The oaks in the Middleton's coat of arms are clearly a sweet tribute to the place where the Princess of Wales was raised.

The choice of blue and red as background colors for this coat of arms is symbolic of the union flag, the symbol of Great Britain. 

Middleton coat of arms

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Thomas Woodcock, Garter King of Arms, who created the coat of arms by workin closely with Michael Middleton told The Guardian, "The purpose is to provide a traditional heraldic identity for Catherine as she marries into the royal family. The intent was to represent the whole Middleton family together, their home and aspects of what they enjoy."

"Heraldry is Europe's oldest, most visual and strictly regulated form of identity and it surrounds us in Britain, giving clues to our history and surroundings. After her marriage, Catherine Middleton will place her father's arms beside those of her husband in what is known as an impaled coat of arms," he added.

Middletons coat of arms

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Although creating a coat of arms wasn't mandatory for Kate to marry William over a decade ago, it did mean that her family could be more symbolically involved in the ceremony. Also, from this point onwards, the Middleton family and their descendants will be able to carry this coat of arms for the rest of their days. 

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