What was Kate Middleton like as a student? Former teacher reveals all following special reunion

The Princess of Wales embraced her former teacher with a warm hug

Kate Middleton enjoyed a special reunion on her trip to Cornwall
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During Prince William and Catherine’s first official joint visit to Cornwall, the mom of three ran into a former teacher. The surprise reunion clearly meant a lot to the Princess of Wales, who greeted her teacher with a big hug. The teacher later told news reporters what Catherine was like as a young student.

While on her first official visit to Cornwall alongside Prince William, Kate Middleton had quite the lovely surprise.

A former teacher was in the crowd, and upon spotting him, Kate showed no doubts about forgetting protocol and embraced him with a lovely hug.

Despite Meghan Markle suggesting the Princess of Wales wasn’t much of a hugger in her Netflix doc, Kate was quick to wrap her arms around Professor Jim Embury, and she was caught beaming at the touching reunion.

Professor Embury was waiting the crowd as Kate and William did their royal walkabout outside the National Maritime Museum Cornwall.

Kate wrapped her arms around her former teacher in a lovely embrace

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After embracing, Kate reportedly told the professor, “The things you taught me, I now teach to my children.”

Reporters for Cornwall Live caught up with the professor after his special reunion, and asked what Kate was like to teach.

"She was a fantastic student, and it was a great class," he told the news outlet.

Kate is known to passionately advocate for different educational pastimes, including a love of photography and the arts.  

At university, she took some of the lessons Professor Embury taught her and applied them to her degree in the History of Art at the University of St. Andrews.

It was at St Andrews where she met her now-husband, Prince William.

William and Kate enjoyed a special trip to Cornwall

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In addition to the touching reunion, the visit to Cornwall was a special occasion for both the Prince and Princess of Wales.

It was their first official visit to Cornwall since becoming the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall - a title they inherited after Queen Elizabeth II's passing last September.

Another heart-warming moment on their trip came when the pair got to see a project locals are working on, which has a connection to William’s late grandparents.

The project is a refurbishment of the Kiwi, a 14-foot sailing dinghy that the Royal New Zealand Navy gifted the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip as a wedding present.

Kate paired her wintry outfit with subtle accessories

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For the occasion, Kate wore a long brown collared coat with a thin dark brown belt and smaller belts at the sleeves. The coat was worn over a crimson turtleneck sweater dress and knee-high brown suede heeled boots.

She accessorized with white gold diamond teardrop earrings by Emily Mortimer and her iconic sapphire engagement ring.

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