Uh oh, the new Kate and William wedding documentary has fans divided

Some fans think the Duchess wasn't portrayed fairly

Prince William and Catherine Middleton leave Westminster Abbey following their Royal Wedding on April 29, 2011 in London, England.
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We can't believe it's already been a decade since Kate Middleton and Prince William's fairytale. To celebrate the upcoming landmark anniversary (April 29th), ITV released an hour-long documentary about the big day. Reactions towards the documentary, though, have created a divide among royal fans.

Some fans on social media seem less than impressed with the broadcast's "shady" references to the future discord the Royal family would eventually go through. Others have also found it strange that the documentary mentioned that Kate "had a sudden change of plan" in regards to what university she wanted to attend and the courses she would study "for unknown reasons."

In a review from The Telegraph, the author interpreted the story as implying that Kate is a "royal gold-digger" for choosing to study art history at St. Andrew's, where Prince William attended, instead of the University of Edinburgh (her original choice).

Twitter fans were quick to jump to Kate's defense, with one fan claiming ITV was "throwing shade at Kate and her family," claiming the company "have tried to belittle her family, her background, and her upbringing."

Another fan was upset over how the documentary mentioned the drama with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry at the beginning and end of the program.

"Why did the need to talk about Meghan and Harry at the end thought this documentary was about Will and Kate's wedding day #TheDayWillAndKateGotMarried."

Not all fans thought the documentary was a fail though, loved reflecting back on one of the biggest moments in Royal history.

"Anyone else getting emotional watching Prince William marry Kate? Cannot believe it's ten years this year!" praised one fan.

Kate and Prince William's wedding day was sure one to remember. If you want to relive the magical day and catch some behind-the-scenes footage, be sure to catch the ITV documentary.

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