The tell-tale signs Prince Harry 'truly believes' that Meghan is just like Diana

A body language expert has revealed how Harry signalled his true feelings in his new Netflix series

Prince Harry
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Prince Harry revealed some "tell-tale" signs that he believes Meghan bears a similarity to his late mother Diana, according to a body language expert.

Harry recalled how Meghan and his mother share the same compassion, empathy, and confidence - and how Meghan has a "warmth about her."

Now, body language expert Darren Stanton for Betfair Casino has revealed how Harry's emotions and non-verbal cues signaled his genuine feelings when speaking about the similarities between his wife and late mother.

He said, "At one point in the documentary, Harry compares Meghan to his mother, Princess Diana. He speaks about how compassion, understanding, communication, and empathy were the core values that drove his mother’s behavior. Perhaps this is what initially drew Harry to Meghan."

Princess Diana

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He continued "When Harry was speaking about Meghan, I did not see any signs of deceptive behaviour or that he was faking his emotions for the cameras. His body language and behaviour seem to be totally congruent with what he is thinking. From his non-verbal communication, it's apparent that he truly believes Meghan is similar to Diana."

Darren added how there was one other clear sign that Harry meant what he said when he was drawing comparisons between Meghan and Diana. "Another thing that tells me he is being completely genuine about what he says about Meghan, is that he becomes more serious in the clip," he explained.

"When we think about people we have lost in life or certain traumatic situations, our mind triggers some of those feelings and thoughts.

Meghan and Harry

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"It's clear from Harry’s non-verbal communication that when he was speaking about his mother, we did see some micro-expressions of sadness. This is a clear indication that he still greatly feels loss for his mother."

Following the first three episodes, members of the Royal Family are now reportedly "concerned" about volume two of the series - which airs on December 15 - as it's set to be "poisonous."

The Royal Family has been bracing itself for what revelations may be made in the six part series and while there may not have been any significant damage caused by the first three episodes, there is a fear that the volume two next week could have more reason for harm.

In next week’s episodes, the Sussexes will discuss their reasons for quitting the monarchy and deciding to move to the United States. And one royal source is said to have told The Times that "next week will be poison."

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