The sweet way Queen Elizabeth's corgis stay connected to her on 'special walk of reflection'

Queen Elizabeth's corgis now live with the Duchess of York who is making sure they are still connected with their late owner

Queen Elizabeth's corgis
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Queen Elizabeth's corgis are still connected with Her Majesty as their new owner takes them on a special walk down memory lane.

The Queen owned many dogs in her lifetime and at the time of her death owned two corgis named Sandy and Muick. Sandy was a gift from Prince Andrew and his children in June 2021 for the Queen's 95th birthday. Muick was also gifted to the Queen by Prince Andrew in February 2021, just before the death of Prince Philip. Since the Queen's passing last year, Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew have adopted Her Majesty's beloved corgis and brought them into the fold of their dog-filled home at Royal Lodge.

In October 2022, Sarah gave an update on the Queen's corgis and revealed that all the dogs are getting along well and she has adjusted to having so many pets in the house. "They all balance out, the carpet moves as I move, but I’ve got used to it now," she joked.

The Duchess of York has now given another heartfelt update on the corgis and has revealed that she has taken them on walks that the Queen used to take them on, as a way to reflect on Her Majesty. "I took all 7 doggies yesterday to where Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth used to walk them. It was wonderful to have a moment to remember," said Sarah in the caption of an Instagram post. 

Fans loved this heartfelt gesture from the Duchess and many took to social media to praise her and wish her well on her 'walk of reflection'.

"I miss The Queen, Elizabeth II. I hope you and her doggies felt her presence. Glad you feel strong enough to go walking..x" said one commenter.

"What a very special walk of reflection! Wishing you a fast and complete recovery, along with hugs for the moments of grief and memories that you hold dear. Much love," said another.

"I bet that walk was emotional, sending healing love, hugs and strength ♥️" commented a third. "Duchess, I'm so glad all the doggies are doing great. I am sure they are happy with you and Prince Andrew. I am still praying for you for healing," added yet another commenter.

Queen's corgis

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The commenters' well wishes about a speedy recovery were of course in reference to the news that Sarah Ferguson has been diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine check-up. A spokesman for the Duchess said, "Sarah, Duchess of York was recently diagnosed with an early form of breast cancer detected at a routine mammogram screening." The Duchess of York has now undergone surgery, and posts about going for walks outdoors are perhaps a good sign of her royal Highness's improved health.

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