The surprising connection between Prince George, Princess Diana, and Duchess Camilla you probably missed

Prince George, Princess Diana, and Duchess Camilla share a surprising link that many royal fans may not yet be aware of...

Prince George, Princess Diana, and Duchess Camilla
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Prince George, Princess Diana, and Duchess Camilla share a surprising link that suggests the trio share more than just their ties to the Royal Family.

Prince George is one of the eldest of the Queen's great-grandchildren and is third in the royal line of succession. The Prince will one day be the future monarch and the King of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms. 

At present, the Prince is only eight years old and is looking to celebrate his ninth birthday in just a couple of weeks on July 22. The Prince is not the only royal to celebrate a birthday in July and he actually shares this birth month with two of his grandmothers. Princess Diana, George's late paternal grandmother, was born on July 1, 1962, and Duchess Camilla, the Prince's paternal step-grandmother, was born on July 17, 1947.

Alongside this shared birth month, all three of these royals share the same star sign and are all Cancerians as they were born during the Cancer season between June 22 and July 22. There are specific traits that Cancerians share, and this could suggest that these three royal figures have more in common than you may think...

Prince George and Camilla

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The Characteristics of a Cancer

Speaking to woman&home, Inbaal Honigman, celebrity psychic and astrologer, has revealed the personality traits of a typical Cancerian. 

"Cancerians are a very gentle sign. Sensitive and introverted, they adore peace and quiet, and do their best never to harm or offend anyone," began Inbaal.

The expert continued to say that for Cancerians, the most important thing is family connections and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. "A Cancerian's home is their castle, even for Cancerians who don't live in castles. They love spending time with their families, doing simple things. Baking together, walking hand in hand or just cuddling and watching a movie, is a fulfilling and rewarding pastime for those born under the sign of the crab," said Inbaal.

Inbaal added that a lot of Cancerians can also be ambitious, and are creative when it comes to problem-solving. "The sign of Cancer is governed by the moon, and as such, Cancerians are dreamers. They can get caught up in worries and anxieties, because the Lunar influence causes them to play with 'what if', but they can also use their dreams to benefit themselves and others, coming up with ideas and solutions that others just won't imagine," said the expert.

"They're a creative sign and love the arts, and enjoy being surrounded by people who are creative, humanitarian, or animal lovers. Their friends will be outdoorsy, unassuming, and hardworking - animal trainers, breeders, farmers, carpenters, builders, and goodwill ambassadors," said Inbaal. 

The traits of creativity and philanthropy are certainly evident in Camilla Parker Bowles and Princess Diana. 

Princess Diana was known for breaking down barriers about AIDs and helping to transform the monarchy into an approachable establishment. Camilla is also known for her charitable work and has often lent her support to organizations committed to ending domestic violence against women, with some even claiming Duchess Camilla is a ‘beacon in the dark’ for thousands of victims.

Princess Diana shaking hands with a man with AIDS

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Speaking about the royal Cancerians as potential leaders of the monarchy, Inbaal revealed, "the sign of Cancer isn't entirely suited for royal life, because they are humanitarian and egalitarian, and never feel as if they are 'above' others."

She added that this doesn't mean that these royals are suited for royal life, in fact, the expert suggested it was quite the opposite. 

"However, they love tradition and they love family life, so they can be a great support within the monarchy, helping maintain tradition and restore a sense of calm to a very busy, dutiful institution. With more Cancerians in the palace, the monarchy may become more gentle and inclusive," concluded Inbaal.

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