The secret behind Princess Anne's unfaltering energy has been revealed

The source of Princess Anne's unfaltering energy has been revealed by a royal member of the family who has shared her secret

Princess Anne's unfaltering energy
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The source of Princess Anne's unfaltering energy has been revealed by a member of the Royal Family who has explained the 71-year-old Princess's simple secret.

It is well known that Princess Anne is the hardest working royal and is often the member of the Royal Family who is likely to attend royal engagements and step in for the Queen if needed.

In 2021, the royal attended a staggering 179 engagements and worked for 170 days of the year. Again in 2020, despite the pandemic, the royal once again earned the title of hardest working royal and had a much busier schedule than other members of her family who are higher in the royal line of succession

At the age of 71, it seems that the second eldest of the Queen's four children has no intention of slowing down and is happy with her busy schedule—but what is the secret to her active lifestyle?

Reportedly, the Princess Royal's secret behind her energy is kiwis. The royal reportedly loves kiwis and will often keep one in her handbag as a little snack during the day.

Daily Mail reported that in Robert Hardman's Queen Of Our Times book, Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Tindall, is quoted as saying, "She always has a kiwi fruit." 

Apparently, this small fruit will sometimes replace an entire meal in the royal's diet and instead of having lunch (which reportedly is a meal she isn't particularly fond of) the royal will dig out a kiwi fruit from her handbag and eat that instead.


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What are the health benefits of eating kiwis?

There are many health benefits when it comes to eating kiwis. Kiwifruit is high in vitamin C and has plenty of fiber which can aid digestion.

The fruit is also full of antioxidants which are great for your health. It is believed that antioxidants help to prevent and repair the stress that comes from normal cell functioning during oxidization. This means that eating fruits rich in antioxidants can help aid your long-term health and prevent diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's.

The fruit is also low in calories and high in flavor, which means it's the perfect snack when you want something sweet but healthy.

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