The reason the Queen was 'furious' at William and Kate's wedding

It has been widely reported that the Queen was 'furious' on Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day back in 2011

It has been widely reported that the Queen was 'furious' on Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day back in 2011
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The Queen was 'furious' on Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day back in 2011, for a unique reason that was all to do with a minor wardrobe malfunction.

Prince William and Princess Catherine's wedding took place at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29, 2011. For this romantic occasion, the entire Royal Family came together to celebrate the nuptials of the future King.

However, it has now been revealed that there was a pretty major wardrobe malfunction that was totally missed by the press.  Stylist Bernard Connolly, who was working for the Quee back in 2011, told The Mail on Sunday, that the Queen actually attended the ceremony with a large hole in her gloves.


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A few images taken by the paparazzi show that the stitching on the Queen's gloves was broken and there was a gaping hole on the middle finger of her white glove. This reportedly caused a lot of stress for the Queen who then had to hide her fingers for the rest of the day.

"How it wasn't written about at the time, I will never know. The Queen went out and waved to the world with a hole in her glove – can you imagine?" said Bernard Connolly to the Mail.

Bernard then explained that the small hole caused a lot of chaos in the royal household and the stylists did not overlook the importance of the occasion.  "You don't do that. You wouldn't do it in a fashion show, or in a photo shoot, and you certainly wouldn't do it to a monarch. It was not just any engagement, but the future King getting married," said Bernard.

The stylist said they were pleased to discover that the press had not picked up on this malfunction. "We thought, 'We got away with that one," he said.

Although the press didn't notice, the Queen did and was reportedly 'furious'. The Mail explained, "She is said to have been less than amused that the lapse was not spotted by any of her 20 dressers, led by Angela Kelly." 

The stylist then revealed that within the palaces, the drama of the event was even given a name. "It was referred to internally as 'Holegate'," said Bernard. In an attempt to ensure that this would never happen again, the Queen reportedly began carrying, "an extra pair of gloves in her handbag for every engagement after that day."


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Wardrobe malfunctions happen, even to royalty! Recently King Charles showed he's just like his mother as he recently suffered from a similar wardrobe malfunction while visiting a mosque on February 8. The King took off his shoes as a sign of respect in the holy house, and a tiny hole in his socks was revealed.

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