The Queen's great-grandnephew quit 'uninspiring' job to pursue this exciting new career

The Queen's great-grandnephew was motivated to switch careers after a life-changing trip to Scotland

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The Queen's great-grandnephew has embarked on a major career change, quitting the office grind to pursue his true lifelong passion. 

  • The Queen's great-grandnephew has quit his corporate job to follow his dreams of becoming an artist after a life-changing trip to Scotland. 
  • Sam Chatto, the grandson of Princess Margaret, realized he needed to switch careers when he became 'uninspired' in his former profession. 
  • In other royal news, this is how the Duchess of Cambridge is preparing to become Queen.

 The Queen's great-grandnephew has officially resigned from the corporate world, after becoming disillusioned with its "uninspiring" culture. 

Sam Chatto, who is the second cousin of Prince William and Prince Harry, realized the 9-5 desk job wasn't for him whilst completing work experience at university - and quickly decided to pursue a different path. 

After a visit to a pottery studio in the Scottish highlands awakened his lifelong passion for art, he ditched the suit-and-tie and set off on a mission to restart his career. 

"Inspired by what I had seen in Scotland, and completely uninspired by my three-month job in the commercial art market, I spent my weekends setting up a small home studio to rediscover my creativity and built a wood-fired kiln at the bottom of my garden," Sam told the Daily Mail in 2019. 

The 24-year-old is now self-employed, working from an airy studio in his West Sussex home. He specializes in making ceramics, like mugs, jugs, and bowls, many of which have traits of ancient and medieval pottery. Fans of the young royal were delighted to see the debut of his pieces at an art exhibition in 2019, having waited years for a viewing of his work. 

Unfortunately, Sam has kept a low profile over the last two years. Without any Instagram updates or interviews, it hasn't been easy to keep tabs on the skilled sculptor. 

The media-shy aristocrat is probably busy focusing on his craft from his home office, which is a definite upgrade from his more casual digs at university. Photos of Sam in his studio revealed it to be a spacious room overlooking a garden and flooded with natural light. The decor is kept to a minimum, with the surfaces occupied by art materials and tall lamps. Delicate plants can also be seen in the background, reminding fans of the aristocrat's love for the natural world.

For those familiar with the Royal Family tree, the career choice of the Queen's great-grandnephew shouldn't come as a surprise. As the son of Princess Margaret's daughter, Sam was born with creative talent in his blood. His mother, Lady Sarah Chatto, studied art at college and went on to become an esteemed oil painter. Sam also inherited skills from his father, David Chatto, who regularly showcases his unconventional artwork at exhibitions in London. 

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