The Queen has an adorable new addition to her family

Tiffany Too is the latest addition to the Royal Family

the Queen
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A buyer on behalf of the Queen has purchased a new Tebay Fell pony to add to the Queen’s beloved collection of ponies and horses that she keeps at her royal residences.

The Queen is known for her love of animals and has numerous pets of all sizes. Earlier this year, the Queen bought two new puppies, a dorgi and a corgi which are known to be rather small pet pooches. 

The Queen also adores horses and owns many different horses in a variety of breeds ranging from large racing horses to tiny ponies. 

Now, the Queen has just purchased a Tebay Fell pony with the adorably sweet name, Tiffany Too.

the Queen

The Queen and her Stud Groom Terry Pendry, seen horse riding in the grounds of Windsor Castle on October 18, 2008 

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The Queen's newest pony is a two-year-old black filly pony. The pony was sold by North West Auctions and came from the Bybeck Stud, based at Tebay. 

It is unclear exactly how much the Queen paid for this particular pony but Tebay Fell ponies with excellent rearings, like the Queen's new pony, sell for thousands of pounds.

A pony—similar to the Queen's— sold at the same auction for nearly £5,000.

the Queen

The Queen with a Fell pony

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The Queen's interest in equestrian pursuits also extends to the breeding of horses and maintaining the lineage of certain breeds of horses. 

The Queen is the patron of the Thoroughbred Breeders' Association. This interest means that she likes to make regular visits to her own animals and assesses them herself.

As well as maintaining thoroughbred horses, the Queen also breeds her Fell ponies at Hampton Court and Shetland ponies at Balmoral in Scotland.

The Queen also opened a Highland pony stud at Balmoral in Scotland to preserve the breed of highland ponies that are native to the area.

It can be speculated that Tiffany Too will be brought to Hampton Court to be raised alongside other fell ponies that are owned by the Queen.

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