The Queen has come under fire for Buckingham Palace's 'meagre' £25,000 job salary

Buckingham Palace is hiring - but fans aren't happy about the salary

The Queen
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The Queen has come under fire for a Buckingham Palace job advert, with critics branding the Royal Family "out of touch."

The job is advertised at £25,000 per year, operating five days a week and working 37.5 hours on a one-year fixed-term contract.

However, critics have argued that the £25,000 salary isn’t equitable with the Royal Family’s wealth, status and lifestyle, or the fact that the Queen and her family cost the British people £67million a year.

Not to mention the importance of security within the Royal Family.

Liam Gilliver of The Mirror has labelled the salary “meagre”, explaining how it is “more than £6,000 lower than the median annual earnings for full-time employees in the UK.”

He also stated that the job ad made the royals appear “out of touch”.

One angry Twitter user said, “They pay/expect others to work for ‘buttons’ yet we pay them billions for waving & being ‘economical.’”

A second said, “It's time to abolish the royals! If they can't at least pay their employees the NLW, with their billions, then what use are they?”

The wage has come as a particular surprise as the Royal Family is known for its lavish weddings that cost millions of pounds and require high volumes of security presence.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding in 1981 is thought to have cost around £57million, with security equating to an estimated £490,000 of that total.

Prince Harry and Meghan's wedding cost an estimated £32million, while Prince William and Kate’s wedding cost around £30million, again with security being the largest of the bills.

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