The Queen has a Covid scare as Balmoral staff member tests positive

The Queen has suffered a Covid scare as a member of the Balmoral staff has tested positive for the virus

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The Queen has had a Covid scare as a worker at her Scottish retreat in Balmoral tests positive for Covid and is sent home to recover.

Although the Balmoral staff are tested regularly, there has recently been an incident where a Covid-positive staff member was allowed into Balmoral Castle, a source told The Sun.

“All the staff at Balmoral are tested for Covid daily and on Saturday this person showed up as positive," revealed the source.

The source revealed that staff areas were shut down after the person was diagnosed. “They were sent home and the staff canteen and bar were shut. They’re on a separate block on the estate," said the source.

Although this news may sound quite frightening particularly as the Queen is particularly vulnerable due to the fact that she is 95 years old, the source confirmed that this piece of news has now worried the royals.

The source revealed, “Workers have been told to wear masks and to socially distance but the royals themselves are pretty much carrying on as they were."

“Courtiers mooted the idea of staff putting the family’s meals on a buffet table with the royals then helping themselves. But the Queen has decided food will continue being served by servants and the family will still go out shooting stag and having picnics on the estate."

It seems that for the Queen her holiday will continue as normal and the source confirmed that the Queen is reluctant to 'overreact.'

“Although Her Majesty is 95 and has been double jabbed, the feeling is she still has to be careful yet she’s determined to carry on as normal. She does not want to overreact,” concluded the source.

Buckingham Palace has yet to comment on this story and has refused to confirm or deny whether the source's statements are accurate.

A general view of Balmoral Castle as Queen Elizabeth holds a private audience on September 20, 2017 in Aberdeen Scotland.

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Recently, Prince Andrew was spotted at Balmoral with the Queen just hours after a US lawsuit accused him of sexual abuse. His ex-wife Sarah Ferguson also accompanied him to Scotland to stay at the royal residence.

Prince Andrew's daughter Princess Eugenie, her husband Jack Brooksbank, and their son August Brooksbank were also spotted driving to the Balmoral estate after flying from London Heathrow. 

It's thought that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to visit Balmoral Castle later this month with their three children.

It is unknown which other members of the royal family will also be visiting the Scottish estate.

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