The Queen concerns fans at latest engagement—'hope she is not overdoing things'

The hardworking Queen has impressed fans at a recent royal engagement, but some are concerned that Her Majesty may be taking on too much

Queen concerns fans
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The Queen recently attended a virtual event at her home in Windsor Castle but some worried fans have suggested that she may be overworked.

A post from the royal family has shared images of the Queen attending a virtual audience with the Ambassador of Somalia at Windsor Castle. Although many fans are impressed that Her Majesty is still taking the time to work from home, some are concerned that she is overworked.

"So impressed that HM our Queen is still working like this at her age and hope she is not overdoing things," said one fan.

Since the Queen's overnight hospital visit a few months ago, Her Majesty has not been regularly seen in public and sources suggest that the Queen, 'will not undertake events,' such as large-scale honours again. 

The Queen also stepped down from a variety of major events and handed the reigns over to other members of the royal family as she was suffering from a sprained back.

Some have suggested that Her Majesty probably enjoys this virtual meeting style and probably wishes it had been introduced many years ago. "The Queen, on Zoom: 'Geez, why didn't anyone think of this years ago? All the traveling, I could've avoided,'" commented one fan on the post.

The caption on the photo says, "Today The Queen held a virtual Audience with Mr. Abdulkadir Ahmed-Kheir Abdi, Ambassador of Somalia, via video link. There are over 170 Ambassadors and High Commissions based in London. Each have an Audience of The Queen shortly after taking up their role."

At the event, Her Majesty wore an orange dress and accessorized with an heirloom brooch that once belonged to Queen Victoria. 

The ribbon-style diamond-encrusted brooch is one of three brooches in different styles that were gifted by Queen Victoria to future Queens or Queen consorts. The brooches have been in the royal family since 1901 and continue to be worn by Her Majesty.


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Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, occasionally wore the brooches, but they have been seen more regularly on her daughter Queen Elizabeth II. 

Unlike past monarchs, Her Majesty generally wears just one brooch at a time rather than all three. She notably wore one brooch at her accession in 1952 and also at the funeral of Diana, the Princess of Wales in 1997.

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