The new names Prince George could take on when he becomes King

Prince George might not go on to be King George

Prince George name when King
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Some day Prince George will be King - but we might not know him as King George as there's other names he can go by when he becomes monarch. 

With 10-year-old Prince George currently second in the royal line of succession, he is set to eventually take the throne after his grandpa, King Charles, and father, Prince William, who is next in line. 

While it'll likely be several decades before young George fulfils his royal destiny to become monarch, his accession may see him take on a name we don't recognise so much.

While George, who is thought to be set to attend the elite Eton College when he is 13, may go on to become King George VII, the Wales youngster could choose to use one of his middle names for his regnal name. 

When monarchs take the throne, they are entitled to select any one of their names to use as their regnal name. As George's full name is George Alexander Louis, he could go by King George, King Alexander or King Louis. 

Prince George name when King

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Despite the entitlement to use the names King Arthur or King Philip, King Charles opted to use his first name, as did Queen Elizabeth II, who could've been Queen Alexandra or Queen Mary. 

The Queen’s father, King George VI, was the last monarch to select a different regnal name, having been Prince Albert up until he took the throne. 

Prince George name when King

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Prince William could also choose to select one of his middle names when he becomes King, with the tradition set to allow him to become King Arthur, King Philip or King Louis. 

Although what with George's great grandmother and his grandpa choosing to go by their first names as monarchs, it seems unlikely that either Prince William or Prince George will shun their well-known names when they take the crown - although it could happen. 

It would also be unlikely for William or George to go by King Louis, considering their iconic son and little brother, Prince Louis. 

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