The most on-trend wedding outfit color schemes have been revealed, and the answers might surprise you (but you can take some inspiration from the royals)

It’s wedding season - which means planning plenty of outfits, but what color scheme is in?

Kate Middleton's outfit to sister Pippa's wedding is back on trend for 2023
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There are many things people look forward to when the summer months finally land – dreamy BBQs, reading on the porch, and days by the beach. But a major cause of stress around this time of year is planning the perfect outfits for the inevitable abundance of weddings and wedding parties. If you’re looking for the most on-trend outfits to wear to your next nuptial celebrations, new data reveals what looks are in – and there’s plenty of royal-inspired color schemes in there.

Ah, weddings. Happy occasions – unless you’re scrambling to find the perfect outfit.

While each happy couple can sometimes help by specifying a dress code, other times it’s left up to the guest. And if you don’t want to completely misread the room and look out of touch, new data has revealed what wedding guests are looking for in their attire.

Black outfits are, surprisingly, the most on-trend and searched for looks, with 74,037 searches on average a month worldwide.

While typically thought of as a mourning color, the sleekness of a black outfit at a wedding has become more popular lately.

Recent examples of wearing black to weddings include Kate Moss's sister, Lottie Moss, who recently wore a long black dress to Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s Spanish wedding.

Green is the second most popular color for wedding guests seeking the perfect outfit.

Sarah, Duchess of York opted for a green dress by local Windsor company, Emma Louise Design at the wedding of her daughter, Eugenie.

Fergie's green outfit from Eugenie's 2018 wedding is one of the most sought after color schemes in 2023

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Pink is the third most popular color for wedding outfits – and who best to turn to for inspiration than the Princess of Wales?

As Barbiecore makes hot pink, well, hot again and the Princess has been sporting playful pink suits while out and about, Kate has long been a fan of the feminine color for romantic occasions like a wedding.

The Princess of Wales opted to wear pink outfits to the weddings of Princess Eugenie and sister Pippa.

For Eugenie’s wedding, Kate showed how to play with a darker pink palette, wearing an Alexander McQueen pink gown with burgundy Prada heels and a matching Prada clutch.

Kate Middleton's pink look for Eugenie's wedding is also a hotly searched color scheme

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A spokesperson from Dalston Mill Fabrics – the company behind the fashionable findings- said, “It can be hard choosing what to wear to a wedding, as it’s such a special occasion, but finding out the bride and grooms dress code is essential. It’s fascinating to learn which colors wedding guests are searching for most and compare with traditions to see how the modern wedding is changing.”

“The research also highlights that white wedding guest outfits rank as the 12th most popular, with 10,923 searches a month on average, which is relatively high up the ranking, considering this is the biggest no-go for a wedding.”

The top 10 most searched for colors:

  • Black – 74,037 monthly searches
  • Green – 63,151 monthly searches
  • Pink – 48,907 monthly searches
  • Blue – 44, 547 monthly searches
  • Red – 30,247 monthly searches
  • Navy blue – 21,606 monthly searches
  • Yellow – 20,677 monthly searches
  • Orange – 16,691 monthly searches
  • Purple – 15,812 monthly searches
  • Burgundy – 12, 418 monthly searches.
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