The 'hardest thing' Princess Catherine ever had to do involved William, Harry and Meghan

The 'hardest thing' Princess Catherine ever had to do has been revealed by an expert - and it took place recently

The 'hardest thing' Princess Catherine ever had to do has been revealed by an expert - and it only took place a few months ago
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The 'hardest thing' Princess Catherine ever had to do has been revealed by a royal expert.

Following the Queen's death in September 2022, the Royal Family gathered together to put on a united front and paid their respects to the Queen's memory in the days of mourning leading up to her funeral. 

This meant that members of the family had to put any disagreements behind them and work together as the Queen would have wanted. This is exactly what Kate and Prince William appeared to do when the press was flooded with rumors about their fraught relationship with Prince Harry and Meghan, but the two couples joined together to go on a walkabout in Windsor. The two couples wore black to view flowers and tributes to the late Queen Elizabeth on September 10, outside of Windsor Castle

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According to royal biographer, Robert Jobson, this was actually the 'hardest thing' that the Princess of Wales has ever had to do. Daily Mail published an extract from his upcoming book, Our King, set to be released on April 13, in which the author revealed it was Prince William's idea to show a united front to the public.

"Rushing to our television sets, we watched as the two princes and their wives emerged from Windsor Castle together to greet the crowds and look at their floral tributes. It had been Prince William's idea, we later learned, to put on a show of unity - a gesture that would surely have touched his deeply Christian grandmother. And for a few minutes, it looked as though the warring couples had slipped back in time, before bitterness and harsh words had destroyed their relationship," he wrote.

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The author revealed that despite the united front, this walkabout was one of the 'hardest things' Catherine has had to do. "Sadly, it was all an illusion - as sources close to the Royal Family have confirmed to me. Catherine later admitted to a senior royal that, such was the ill feeling between the two couples, the joint walkabout was one of the hardest things she had ever had to do," he said.

Robert Jobson also reminded readers of his book that the walkabout took place before the release of Prince Harry and Meghan's Netflix series and Prince Harry's autobiography Spare. He mused, "If Catherine found it almost unbearable before all this to share a walkabout with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, then how - one has to wonder - do she and William feel about them now?" 

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