Sarah Ferguson warned showing Queen's corgis with Prince Andrew could 'jeopardize her reputation'

Sarah Ferguson has been urged to not photograph Prince Andrew with the Queen's corgis

Sarah Ferguson Queen's corgis
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Sarah Ferguson has been warned that she could damage her reputation if she shares images of Prince Andrew with the Queen's corgis. 

After taking on the late Queen Elizabeth II's iconic corgi pups at Royal Lodge, Sarah Ferguson, who recently denied any contribution to The Crown, shared a sweet photo of her frolicking with the four-legged friends on social media. 

"The presents that keep giving," she penned beside a snapshot of her laying in the grass beside the Queen's corgis, who appeared at Windsor Castle during Her Majesty's state funeral in a tear-jerking moment. 

However, a reputation expert has warned the Duchess against sharing too many snaps of Sandy and Muick and advised that she certainly shouldn't post pictures of the dogs with Prince Andrew. 

Sarah Ferguson Queen's corgis

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Speaking to the Express, Roz Sheldon who is the director of online business reputation management agency Igniyte, explained that royal fans are keen to see the dogs, saying, "Public perception of Sarah Ferguson has been pretty solid over the decades. An amicable split from Andrew (without going over-the-top with publicly defending him with his recent scandals) and a responsible co-parent who engages in philanthropic work - Fergie has good stock with the public."

"Photos or posts of the dogs with Prince Andrew however are a no no," Sheldon added. 

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"It could negatively jeopardize Fergie’s reputation, particularly if it appeared that they were using the dogs to deliberately improve perceptions. This would be extremely distasteful. Andrew should remain out of the public eye," Sheldon continued. 

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