Sarah Ferguson denies contributing to 'The Crown' and explains why she's been in contact with show's producers

Sarah Ferguson denies contributing to 'The Crown' after claims emerged that she'd been in touch with the show's producers

Sarah Ferguson lors du festival de Venise le 7 septembre 2022.
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Sarah Ferguson has denied any involvement with the controversial series The Crown, while admitting that she'd been in contact withs its producers - but for an entirely different reason.

As consternation regarding The Crown season 5 gathers even more pace, allegations of involvement from Royal Family member Sarah Ferguson were so shocking that it warranted a statement from her representatives.

Speaking on behalf of the Duchess of York, her representative explained the reason that she had been in communication with the show's producer Andy Harries. The statement, shared with the Daily Mail reads, "The Duchess was in contact with Andy Harries, who produces The Crown, last year and they had a discussion about adapting her novel, Her Heart For A Compass, into a TV series."

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Fergie's hit book, Her Heart For A Compass, written with Mills & Boon author Marguerite Kaye, is a fictional account of the life of on the life of her real-life great-great-aunt, Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott.

The statement continues, after admitting they had been in touch regarding Fergie's book, "They did not discuss The Crown, or any idea of her helping with the series in any way. Such a suggestion was made separately at one point by a mutual friend, but was not progressed by either side."

It's unsurprising that the royal is eager to distance herself from these allegations as increasingly, public figures voice their concerns and criticism of the series. This includes Dame Judi Dench who penned an open letter referring to The Crown as an, "inaccurate and hurtful account of history."

Although the royal is quick to deny involvement with the show, as criticism mounts before the new season has even premiered, in the past she's spoken about how much she has enjoyed it. 

In an interview with US Weekly, when asked about the show she said, “I thought it was filmed beautifully. The cinematography was excellent. I loved the way they put my wedding in as well.” 

As an unearthed photo, which showed Prince Andrew ‘strangled’ by Fergie, the pair's relationship was a little different from your average royal romance. However, despite not being a working member of the Royal Family and her divorce from Prince Andrew, Fergie has remained close to her ex-husband and his family. 

Recently, on her 63rd birthday, Sarah Ferguson revealed the touching presents she received at Royal Lodge, where she lives with her ex-husband the Duke of York. However, they're perhaps not the sorts of gifts you may expect as she was referring to the late Queen Elizabeth's Corgis as, "the presents that keep giving."

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