Prince Andrew ‘strangled’ by Fergie in unearthed photo from their ‘fairytale’ marriage

Prince Andrew ‘strangled’ by Fergie in unearthed photo—how this moment changed the role of royal wives like Diana, Meghan, and Kate forever

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew
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Prince Andrew ‘strangled’ by Fergie in unearthed photo, which was taken during one of their first royal tours in the year after their wedding.

Sarah Ferguson says her relationship with Prince Andrew is a ‘fairytale’ but as we all know, fairytales have their ups and downs. An unearthed photo from the then-married Yorks, taken during their 1987 tour of Canada, shows that they certainly appeared to have a sense of humor.

Per an article from the UPI archives, the couple's tour lasted for 25 days, and during that time they celebrated an important event. 

"I can see certainly that I will not be able to forget my first wedding anniversary," said Prince Andrew to a crowd of onlookers at the time. "I am looking forward to showing Sarah as much as possible of this great country."

The Duke And Duchess Of York On Tour In Canada During Her Speech Sarah Teasing Turns To Strangle Her Husband

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According to the Express, the moment took place during their farewell dinner in Canada. Not only did the boisterous behavior break protocol but another element of their evening set the stage for future royal wives. 

When he'd finished addressing the crowd, Prince Andrew stepped down from the stand and allowed his wife to “have the last word” which was a first.

During her speech, the Duchess of York said, “I could not go through a whole tour letting my dear husband of a year and a day do all the public speaking. So we agreed, for once, that I should have the last word tonight.”

The image is a far cry from the press coverage of the now-disgraced Duke of York, whose ongoing legal woes have been grabbing headlines across the globe. Only recently, Prince Andrew left senior royal ‘white with rage’ after being accused of reducing his family to ‘the ranks of second-rate comedians.’

Although Sarah Ferguson, or Fergie as she's commonly known, split from the Duke of York the pair have maintained a very close friendship and even live together at Royal Lodge.

Following her former husband being stripped of his royal patronages there were concerns that Fergie may also be impacted. However, it was subsequently confirmed that Sarah Ferguson will keep her Duchess title after all.

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