Royal went incognito as music teacher and ‘no one ever noticed’ thanks to name style once favored by Kate Middleton

This royal went incognito for 13 years and she was known by a name that mirrors one reportedly used once by the Duchess of Cambridge...

Royal went incognito using name similar to one reportedly used by Kate Middleton, seen here as she visits the 1851 Trust and the Great Britain SailGP Team
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One royal went incognito as a music teacher and “no one ever noticed” after she chose a style of name reportedly once used by Kate Middleton. 

The Queen’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren might take pride of place at major royal events, but they’re not the only royals who support the monarch. Several of the Queen’s cousins are also spotted regularly, including at the Jubilee celebrations where the Duke of Kent stood on the Buckingham Palace balcony at Trooping the Color. Now his wife Katharine has revealed that she once went incognito as a music teacher and she used a name style that mirrored one reportedly once used by Kate Middleton… 

Opening up to Camilla Tominey at The Telegraph, the Duchess of Kent revealed that she spent 13 years as a teacher in Hull. Despite being a member of the extended Royal Family, the Duchess reportedly hasn’t used her HRH title since she stepped back from public life two decades ago. 

Katharine, Duchess of Kent attends the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle

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Discussing the anonymity of her teacher role, Katharine declared, “I was just known as Mrs Kent. Only the head knew who I was. The parents didn’t know and the pupils didn’t know. No one ever noticed. There was no publicity about it at all - it just seemed to work. Why I don’t know, but it just did. I taught children from the youngest possible age right until the end of primary school.”

The Duchess’ time as a teacher saw her take them out to the town of Hull and her “little choir” often “sang in the hospital” as she reflected admiringly upon how rewarding the experience was.

“A lot of the children came from single parent families and very deprived areas. It was very, very rewarding because even children from really tough backgrounds - the music did such wonderful things. It really did,” she said. “They would get up and sing solos. I don't remember a child ever saying they didn't want to do their music.”

Katharine, Duchess of Kent attends the wedding of Edward van Cutsem and Lady Tamara Grosvenor at Chester Cathedral

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The Queen’s cousin-in-law flew under the radar as a music teacher for 13 years and her choice of “Mrs Kent” could be seen to mirror the incognito name used by the Duchess of Cambridge in the past. 

According to the Mail, the future Queen Consort allegedly once asked the owner of a beach shop in Anglesey, Wales, if she could put a wetsuit on hold and return later to buy it when she had retrieved her purse. 

A source claimed she gave the name “Mrs Cambridge” when asked for a name, though this hasn’t been officially confirmed, with the Mail on Sunday reporting that after contacting the owner he replied simply, “Who told you that? I’m not saying anything. She’s entitled to some privacy. ‘I’ll just say I’m happy with the rumor.”

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge on West Sands beach after taking part in a land yachting session

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However, if she did ever use this low-key name it would reflect her title as Duchess of Cambridge as “Mrs Kent” reflects the Duchess of Kent’s official title. Katharine certainly managed to have a career as a teacher as simply “Mrs Kent” without being noticed and is believed to have had the Queen’s support.

“I was supported through it as well. The Queen said: ‘Yes, go and do it,’ so I did,” she declared. 

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