Royal Family challenges fans to find the Queen in 'Where's Wally?' style photo

The Royal Family has shared a photo of the Queen standing amongst hundreds of people at a Buckingham Palace garden party

Royal fans challenged to find Queen in 'Where's Wally?' game
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The Royal Family has challenged its followers to locate the Queen amongst a large crowd of people, in a 'Where's Wally?'-style photo game. 

The Royal Family has challenged its hardcore fans to find the Queen in a crowded photo, as part of a series of posts in celebration of Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee this June. 

The black-and-white image, shared on Twitter on Wednesday, shows masses of people attending a Garden Party for the Women's Institute at Buckingham Palace in 1965. 

Hundreds of hat-clad women, many of whom are also wearing name badges, can be seen standing on each side of a narrow aisle on the grounds of the London royal residence. Anticipation and excitement are plastered across most of their faces—and if you look a little bit more closely, it's easy to understand why. 

The Queen is visible in the center of the photo, speaking to one of her guests while her trusty lady-in-waiting hovers behind her. Her Majesty is also wearing a hat, in keeping with the wardrobe tradition of the era.  

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As President of the Women's Institute, the Queen hosted the exciting Garden Party in commemoration of the organization's 50th anniversary. 

She and her husband, Prince Philip welcomed 30,000 guests to the royal headquarters on 31 May 1965, for an afternoon of fine tea and pleasant small-talk. 

Representatives from each of the country's 500 WI branches were invited, which meant that many of Her Majesty's attendees had never been to London—let alone Buckingham Palace—before. Celebrities and political figures were also on the guest list. 

The Royal Family continues to hold garden parties to this day, often using the social events to mark milestone occasions and celebrate the achievements of public organizations and individuals. 

Last July, Prince William invited 28 members of the NHS to join him for outdoor tea and cakes at Buckingham Palace. The Duke of Cambridge organized the gathering, which took place on the system's 73rd anniversary, to honor the dedication of UK healthcare workers throughout the pandemic. The wholesome get-together marked the first garden party held by the Royal Family since the Covid-19 lockdown began. 

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