Remembering the Queen’s cheeky comment to bagpipe player as King Charles continues the tradition

The Piper to the Sovereign had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in front of the Queen of all people – but Her Majesty had a sense of humor about it

The Queen made a hilarious quip to laugh off the embarrassing incident
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The Queen’s cheeky comment following an accidental wardrobe malfunction of her bagpipe player has been revealed, and it’s typically on brand for the late Queen, celebrated for her dry wit. The funny encounter between the two comes as the piper was seen waking King Charles up at Windsor Castle, confirmation that he is continuing the tradition.

A wardrobe malfunction is embarrassing at the best of times. But to have one in front of Queen Elizabeth, the longest serving monarch in the history of the United Kingdom, is something else altogether.

But that’s just what happened to Scott Methven, who served as the Queen’s piper from 2015 to 2019.

He previously told The Spectator how, on one rather unfortunate day, the wind had lifted his kilt in front of the Queen - revealing him as a “true Scotsman.”

The Queen and her piper shared a close bond

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wears under his kilt, with some insisting a true Scot wears… well, nothing.

While one might think the Queen wouldn’t take too kindly to being (accidentally) flashed, it turned out her signature sharp wit and dry humor saved the poor piper further embarrassment.

He revealed that she found it funny, and even cracked a joke, asking him “if it had been a particularly cold morning.”

Not only did the two share jokes, but the Queen had a relatable and compassionate side. Scott revealed that the late Queen had “pulled it out of the bag” for him when his wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2017.

Showing how deeply she cared for those around her, the Queen made sure his two young children were cared for by royal nannies at Balmoral when their mom was in hospital.

The Queen had also arranged for a basket of strawberries and muffins to be sent to her nurses.

The closeness between the Queen and Piper comes as it’s revealed Charles is carrying on the tradition of having an official piper.

Piper Major Burns will continue working for the monarch, after serving Her Majesty the Queen.

King Charles will continue having a Piper of the Sovereign

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Major Burns will be remembered by history because he had the rare privilege to wake the late Queen Elizabeth II on what would be her final morning at Balmoral.

He also had a significant role during the Queen’s funeral, playing a moving lament as the late monarch’s coffin was lowered at Windsor back in September.

Gordon Webster, who was Piper to the Sovereign in the mid to late 1990s, has previously described the experience as "fantastic — the ultimate piping job in the world".

Opening up about the role, he continued as reported by the Mail, “Because the Queen didn't like that you repeated tunes every other day, I probably had about 700 or 800 tunes and they're all [in my head] because as a bagpiper you don't use music."

The tradition of having a piper goes back all the way to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1800s.

When the pair stayed at Taymouth Castle with the Marquess of Breadalbane, he had his own personal piper. Something which was said to have delighted Victoria.

She wrote in a letter to her mother, the Dowager Duchess of Kent, "We have heard nothing but bagpipes since we have been in the beautiful Highlands and I have become so fond of it that I mean to have a piper at Frogmore.”

It’s not the only tradition set by Queen Victoria which the modern Royal Family still follow. It was she who reportedly first started exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day.

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