Queen’s ‘power and privilege’ after death of King George VI left unlikely royal ‘jealous’

Princess Elizabeth's ascension to Queen when her father died caused conflict in the Royal Family, according to an insider

Queen left Royal Family member 'jealous' after death of King George VI
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The Queen's ascension to the throne after the sudden death of her father, King George VI, reportedly upset an unlikely Royal Family member. 

The Queen's succession to the throne after her father died provoked a backlash from an unlikely member of the Royal Family, a royal insider has revealed. 

Her Majesty's destiny changed forever in February 1952 when King George VI passed away suddenly in his sleep, leaving her to inherit the Crown and become the 61st monarch of Britain. 

At just 25, Princess Elizabeth became the Head of the Commonwealth, the Head of State, and the Head of the Church of England - a trilogy of titles that arguably made her the most powerful figure in the country. 

At the Queen's coronation, which took place at Westminister Abbey in London in June 1953, she pledged to commit herself to a lifetime of service. Two months ago, she marked the 70th anniversary of her reign with a nationwide weekend of Platinum Jubilee celebrations. 

Unfortunately, not every one was completely on board with Queen Elizabeth's ascension at the time. It's understood that this abrupt shift in power dynamics at the Windsor household didn't bode well with the Queen Mother, who reportedly struggled to accept her daughter's elevated status in the wake of King George VI's tragic death. 


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The 51-year-old was forced to give up her lofty title as the Queen Consort of England when her husband died and accept a new moniker as the Queen Mother - a demotion that didn't exactly sit well with the iconic royal. 

"The Queen Mother minded very much being the Queen Mother, she was jealous of her daughter having become Queen," Christopher Warwick explained in the 2020 documentary, 'The Private Lives of the Windsors'. According to the royal biographer, the aristocratic widow resented the 'power and privilege' granted to her first-born daughter following the death of King George VI. 

It's also been said that the Queen Mother butted heads with the Queen on finances, with some reports suggesting that arguments about frugality were a constant source of tension between the pair. 

"The Queen did despair of her mother's spending," royal historian Gareth Russell claimed during an appearance on Royally Us. "The Queen Mother was not what we would call frugal, even by royal standards.

"Apparently, the phase 'oh mummy' was what you used to hear in the palace when she saw the Queen Mother's expense bill." 

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