This is what the Queen said to Prince Harry before he stepped away from the Royal Family

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The Queen's final words to her grandson Prince Harry have been revealed.

What did the Queen say to Prince Harry before he stepped down?

New royal biography Finding Freedom reveals how the Queen wanted to make sure Prince Harry understood that he had her support no matter what.

According to Town & Country, the book explains that she told him this during a private lunch on 1st March.

In the book, an aide described the situation as “no titles. Just granny and grandson.”

The source added that "the Queen was still one of the most important women in Prince Harry's life.”

They said “as they tucked into a roast lunch, the Queen made it clear to Harry that she would always support him in whatever he decided to do."

While another royal source said, a royal source said, “The Queen had a lot to talk to Harry about and this was the ideal time for them to both say their piece.

“When Harry and Meghan announced they wanted to quit, it all happened very quickly and it was very stressful for all concerned.

“Sunday was the first time the Queen has had the chance to talk to Harry on his own and really find out what his plans are. It was a much more relaxed environment and they were both able to speak their mind.”

One thing the Queen is upset about is not being able to see the couple's one-year-old son Archie.

The source added, “It’s fair to say she is very upset about him and Meghan leaving and she would love to see more of Archie, as would Prince Charles and the rest of the family."

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