Queen Barbie doll released to celebrate Platinum Jubilee and ‘to inspire the limitless potential in every girl’

Mattel’s Queen Elizabeth Barbie doll is part of a tribute collection celebrating ‘visionaries’ and ‘trailblazers’

Queen Elizabeth Barbie doll released to celebrate Her Majesty's historic reign
(Image credit: Mattel)

Mattel have released a Barbie doll of the Queen to celebrate Her Majesty’s historic Platinum Jubilee. To commemorate her 70 year reign, the Queen’s Barbie doll includes sentimental details, including the Tiara she wore to her wedding with Prince Philip and a sash given to her by her late father.

To honor Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Mattel has unveiled a Tribute Collection which features a Queen Elizabeth II Barbie doll.

In celebration of Her Majesty’s historic Platinum Jubilee—celebrating 70 years on the throne, the first British monarch to reach such an achievement—the Queen’s Barbie comes packaged in its own model of Buckingham Palace’s throne room.

The choice of clothing is also an inspired touch. The designers have perfectly recaptured a familiar look which the Queen has relied on for official portraits throughout her reign. Wearing a silky, ivory dress, the Barbie of the Queen also features a sash bearing her Royal Family Order medallions.

The Queen Barbie doll will be sold around the globe

(Image credit: Mattel)

These medallions are honors given from the Crown to members of the family. The Queen’s include a blue sash from her grandfather, George V, and pink from her father, George VI.

The Queen Elizabeth Barbie also includes thoughtful and special touches in the choice of accessories. In a nod to the trailblazing women who came before her, the Queen’s Barbie is wearing the Queen Mary fringe tiara, which once belonged to her grandmother and her mother.

Her Majesty wore the tiara on her wedding day to Prince Philip. The tiara has since been worn by Princess Anne and Princess Beatrice on their wedding days, too.

The choice of tiara may not be coincidental, as the theme of girl power is at the core of Mattel’s Tribute Collection.  

In a statement Mattel said, “Since 1959, the Barbie brands’ purpose has been to inspire the limitless potential in every girl and remind them they can be anything. That message has never been more relevant than it is today.”

“Last year, the Barbie brand launched the Tribute Collection to celebrate visionaries for their incredible contributions, impact and legacy as trailblazers.”

The Queen Elizabeth Barbie doll is the second in the Mattel Tribute Collection series, with the first being a Lucille Ball doll released in the summer of 2021.

The Queen Barbie doll is part of a collection inspired by trailblazing women

(Image credit: Mattel)

Where to buy a Queen Elizabeth Barbie doll?

For fans in the States, the Queen Elizabeth II Tribute Collection doll is available from today (April 21) at retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Mattel. The limited-edition doll costs $75.

If you’re in the UK, the doll can be bought online from Amazon and John Lewis, as well as in-store from Harrods, and London branches of Hamley’s and Selfridges.

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