Queen Camilla's 'very lusty, healthy life' with Andrew Parker-Bowles revealed despite his 'serial infidelity'

Queen Camilla's 'very lusty' relationship with her ex-husband Andrew Parker-Bowles has been explored by several royal insiders

Queen Camilla's 'very lusty'
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Queen Camilla's 'very lusty' former relationship with her ex-husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles, has been explored by a new profile in The Times that documents the pair's steamy relationship and Andrew's wandering eye.

As it has been announced that Andrew Parker Bowles will attend the King and Queen's coronation, many have questioned Camilla's relationship with her former husband and how the pair have remained close.

In a profile for The Times, the Queen's former relationship with Andrew Parker-Bowles was explored.

In the book  Camilla: An Intimate Portrait, by Rebecca Tyrrel, a friend of Camilla's remembered what an average Saturday morning might look like at Andrew's bachelor pad in Notting Hill. "Andrew would be up and about cooking breakfast and making coffee. Around 11, Camilla would stagger down looking a little dishevelled, wearing one of his big shirts. She would sit on Andrew’s knee and tease his hair. They clearly had a very lusty, healthy life together."

Reportedly another said, "his greatest gift to women was the knowledge that sexuality was healthy". Reaffirming that the pair had a rather healthy sex life in their early courtship.

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However, as many will recall, their romance wasn't all plain sailing. Princess Anne's 'complicated love quadrangle' with Camilla, Charles, and Andrew Parker Bowles has been highly documented in the past, and it was widely known that Andrew wasn't exactly faithful while they courted.

In Caroline Graham’s 2001 biography about Camilla explores an incident when Camilla caught him cheating when she showed up at his apartment unannounced and caught him opening the door in his underpants. "Who the hell have you got in there?” she yelled. “Which tart was it last night?” The Times then revealed, "Another story has Camilla letting down the tyres of his car when she spotted it parked outside one of her girlfriends’ places and daubing what she thought of him on the windscreen in pink lipstick." If true, this paints a rather fabulous picture of no-nonsense young Camilla.

"Women had no hesitation believing what he said. He seemed to compel them into loving him, although he sometimes dropped them so quickly their heads span. He could be completely ruthless in that sense,” another ex-girlfriend of Andrew Parker-Bowles told Tina Brown in her book The Palace Papers.

Queen Camilla and Andrew Parker Bowles

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But did this infidelity continue once the pair was married? Reportedly yes. A family friend reported that the couple had, "a very English marriage. You just bite the bullet and keep going. Camilla was terribly loyal. He would have the ladies and she would have a nice joint of beef on the table. That generation had a whole different code. Nobody ratted on anybody else."

Of course, Andrew and Camilla Parker Bowles's children, Laura and Tom, may have had something to do with their marriage lasting for as long as it did, but the pair have seemed to defy the odds by remaining close friends.

Despite infidelity rumors and divorce, the pair have continued to be snapped together at a number of events over the years and appear to step in for one another when needed. Only last year, Queen Camilla’s former husband Andrew Parker Bowles given an important royal role as he reportedly represented her at a funeral service. 

The funeral of  John Bowes-Lyon was held at the Brompton Oratory and an official document revealed, "The Queen Consort was represented by Brigadier Andrew Parker Bowles." This is a key indicator that any bad blood between the pair has passed and the former couple has had a truly amicable split.

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