Queen Camilla's secret coronation dress detail you may have missed and it's too cute for words!

Queen Camilla made a subtle tribute to her rescue dogs, Bluebell and Beth, in her stunning coronation dress on Saturday

Queen Camilla's secret coronation dress detail you may have missed
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Queen Camilla's coronation dress included a subtle tribute to her beloved Jack Russell rescue dogs, much to the delight of royal fans. 

Queen Camilla's beloved rescue dogs may not have been able to attend the Coronation at the weekend, but that doesn't mean they were completely excluded from the historic event. 

The Queen Consort had images of Bluebell and Beth, both of whom are Jack Russells, embroidered in gold onto the majestic gown she wore to be crowned alongside King Charles III at Westminster Abbey on Saturday. 

Eagle-eyed royal fans were quick to spot the subtle detail at the base of the ivory silk dress, which was made by renowned British fashion designer, Bruce Oldfield. 

"Love that Queen Camilla had her dogs embroidered on her Coronation dress," one impressed person wrote on Twitter. 

"If you’ve not already heard this, it’s touching to learn that Queen Camilla had her two rescue dogs, Bluebell and Beth, with her through the Coronation. Just look at the base of her gown - they’re both there, embroidered in gold," another royal fan tweeted. 

The touching tribute could again be seen in a new Royal Family portrait released by King Charles III on Monday evening. In the special photo, all 12 senior working royals can be seen wearing their coronation outfits in the Throne Room at Buckingham Palace. 

Writing about her terriers in the 2022 book, Top Dog: A British Love Affair, Camilla revealed that they are both "colourful characters" and that she "cannot imagine my life, my home or my sofas without them." 


Camilla with Bluebell and Beth in 2012 

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As well as highlighting her love of dogs, Oldfield made a special effort to ensure Camilla's love of nature was well illustrated in the dress. Garlands of wildflowers and daisy chains were delicately stitched onto the gown, as well as a rose, a thistle, a daffodil, and a shamrock to represent the United Kingdom's four nations. 

Oldfield also had the names of Camilla's children and her grandchildren sewn onto the extravagant dress. 

"An interesting element of the gown is that it reflects a more fluid and modern representation of the king and the queen consort’s affection for nature and the British countryside," the 72-year-old told Women's Wear Daily

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