Queen Camilla snubbed by 'angry' Kate and Will after Middletons denied plus-ones at coronation

Prince William and Kate Middleton were reportedly 'angry' with the Queen Consort over the guest list for the Coronation at Westminster Abbey

Camilla snubbed by Kate and Will after Middletons denied plus-ones
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The Prince and Princess of Wales refused to curtsey to Queen Camilla after becoming 'angry' over seating arrangements at the Coronation on May 6, a royal insider has claimed. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales snubbed Queen Camilla at the King's Coronation by refusing to bow to the newly crowned consort, a royal insider has claimed. 

The news comes shortly after it was revealed that Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Doria Ragland were involved in a 'near catastrophic' car chase in New York City on Tuesday evening. 

It has now emerged that Prince William and Kate Middleton were reportedly unhappy with the seating arrangements of the historic event at Westminster Abbey on May 6, which gave appeared to give priority to the Queen Consort's family over the Princess of Wales's. 

"Camilla brought 20 Parker Bowleses to the coronation and there were four Middletons,” royal author Tom Bower said during an appearance on Dan Wootton Tonight on Tuesday, before adding that Kate's siblings, Pippa and James Middleton, were not allowed to bring their partners to the ceremony. 

James and Pippa

James and Pippa Middleton were reportedly not allowed to bring plus-ones to the coronation 

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“If you look at the coronation footage, as the king and queen leave the thrones and head for the exit of Westminster Abbey, you’ll see that everyone bows and curtsies to the king and no one moves a limb, a muscle, when Camilla passes," Bower continued. 

This 'noticeable' snub was "all because they were angry with Camilla," the British writer claimed. It's understood that Kate was especially annoyed that the Queen Consort was permitted to be joined by so many of her family members, including several of her grandchildren, while the Middletons had been forced to take a back seat. 


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It appears the rift hadn't dissolved by the following day, when Prince William delivered a passionate speech at the Windsor Castle coronation concert. The 40-year-old notably "made no reference" to Camilla in the address, prompting royal fans to speculate about the strength of his relationship with his famous stepmother. 

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