Princess Eugenie teams up with iconic A-lister in exciting new project

Princess Eugenie has teamed up with an iconic British actress as the pair speak out about an important issue in a new interview

Princess Eugenie teams up
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Princess Eugenie has teamed up with an iconic British actress as the pair discussed modern slavery and what can be done to raise awareness.

Floodlight, a new podcast in association with Princess Eugenie's charitable organization, the Anti-slavery Collective launched just two weeks ago. 

The Princess announced at the time, "Join me, and my co-founder, Julia de Boinville each week as we sit down with guests from all walks of life who are helping to combat modern slavery in a variety of ways. From lawmakers and company leaders to famous activists, survivors and journalists, Floodlight shows you just how prominent modern slavery is and that we can all do something about it."

Although the podcast has only three full episodes, the activists have snagged an interview with one of the most established actresses in the UK. Actress Emma Thompson who starred in Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually, and Cruella, joined Eugenie and Jules to appear on the podcast to discuss the importance of ending modern slavery.

Speaking on the podcast, Dame Emma Thompson spoke to Eugenie and Jules about her commitment to activism and her connection with the Helen Bamber Foundation.

"The reason that trafficking is such a hugely successful business, is because it's much easier to smuggle people than it is to smuggle arms or drugs," said Emma. 

Speaking about a shocking experience close to home, Emma revealed, "the massage parlor around the corner from my house was one of the places where my friend had been held prisoner." She added that she had then been 'serially raped' while held there against her will just a stone's throw from Emma's home.

Emma Thompson

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The conversation then moved to Tindyebwa Agaba Wise who is the adoptive child of Emma Thompson and Greg Wise. The actress said, "he was, as you know, kidnapped as a child and forced into the militia in Rwanda and he got to the UK after horrible experiences when he was just 16." 

Emma spoke about her immediate 'deep connection' with her son and said despite their completely different backgrounds they were 'terribly similar.' 

Emma Thompson, with her husband Greg Wise and children Gaia Wise and Tindy Agaba,

Emma Thompson, with her husband Greg Wise and children, Gaia Wise and Tindy Agaba Wise

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"He understands the processes of kidnap and abduction very well," said Emma sadly as she added, that he was, "enormously helpful to quite a lot of the refugees" who ended up at the Helen Bamber foundation which helps those who have been trafficked.

Princess Eugenie then thanked Emma and called her an 'absolute legend' as they spoke about their shared hope to continue to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery.

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