Princess Diana and Princess Margaret egged on Prince Edward's girlfriend to sing for the Queen while she was 'p*ssed on martinis'

Ruthie Henshall, Prince Edward's ex-girlfriend, previously revealed that she was encouraged to sing for the Queen while she was 'p*ssed'

Ruthie Henshall, Prince Edward's ex-girlfriend, previously revealed that she was encouraged to sing for the Queen while she was 'p*ssed'
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Prince Edward's ex-girlfriend once revealed that the late Princess Diana and Princess Margaret encouraged her to sing for the Queen when she was rather intoxicated. 

Ruthie Henshall surprised viewers of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here during her stint on the show in 2020 when she revealed a funny anecdote that featured a few members of the Royal Family. 

The actress revealed that the King (or Prince Charles as he was known at the time) gave her a couple of strong martinis and she was encouraged to sing by his wife and aunt. "I met (Diana) a couple of times and one of my favourite, favourite times – we were at Balmoral, Diana, the Queen, (Princess) Margaret, the Queen Mother, Edward, myself," began Ruthie. "She was lovely. I don't remember an awful lot because Charles gave me my first martini so I was fairly... I had two of them and I was like 'Woah'."

Prince Edward

Prince Edward in 1987

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Ruthie revealed that Princess Margaret and the Queen were singing a classic hymn, but Diana interrupted their tune to insist that she sang them something from the theatre production she was in. Princess Margaret then jumped on board and joined Diana in begging the musical theatre star to sing them something.

"The Queen and Margaret start singing a hymn and Diana goes, 'Sing us a song!' Margaret then goes, 'Yes sing us a song from that show you're in'," said Ruthie.

Princess Diana

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The actress then revealed that she managed to give the Queen a performance of a legendary theatre song, but unfortunately she believes it was somewhat lacking due to the fact that she was somewhat intoxicated. 

"I was in Les Miserables at the time and I sang I Dreamed a Dream and I must've changed key three times because I was so p*ssed on martinis," said Ruthie.

Ruthie Henshall

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Ruthie dated Prince Edward for about six years on and off after they met in 1987. Ruthie was 20 when she met the 23-year-old Prince and still remains great friends with him today. She was in attendance at Prince Edward's wedding to the COutness of Wessex, or as she was formerly known, Sophie Rhys-Jones.

The former couple has even been in contact as recently as 2020. Following her Jungle appearance, the star told the Daily Mail that the Prince has 'been in contact.' Although Ruthie implied that this was only in support, she was slightly embarrassed about a few things she said about him during the show.

Ruthie Henshall is a late addition to the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! line-up

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"When I was having my exit interview, Ant and Dec played my best bits, and out of the ether I could hear myself saying: 'I've shagged in the Palace.' I think that was the comment I made, something awfully crass like that,' she said. "I was quite shocked. You say things in there and you forget you are on a show 24/7."

"'I think if I had been talking about deepest, darkest secrets, or negativity, possibly it might have been a very different thing, but I don't have anything negative to say about any of the family,' she added. "I'm not busting any secrets that aren't mine to talk about, but also they're not really secret - it's just a part of my history and I'm completely up for embracing that."

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