Princess Catherine borrowed this pair of bold earrings from Carole Middleton - as the pair have a 'shared mother-daughter fashion taste'

Princess Catherine once borrowed a pair of stunning earrings from mum Carole Middleton for an iconic outing

Princess Catherine Carole Middleton earrings - Princess Catherine borrowed a pair of stunning earrings from her mother, Carole Middleton, and we are loving this thrifty move!
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Princess Catherine once borrowed a pair of stunning and rather pricey earrings from Carole Middleton - and the style similarities between the mother and daughter duo have only become more obvious since. 

Catherine, the Princess of Wales, has been seen wearing a vast collection of jewellery pieces over the years. Whether they are earrings from a less expensive high street brand or a pair of diamond and pearl earrings inherited from the late Princess Diana, Catherine has an assorted range of expensive and inexpensive pieces in her collection.

Despite the variety in her jewellery box, it has been revealed that she and Carole Middleton have shared pieces on occasion and in fact, an iconic pair of earrings worn by the Princess, were actually her mother's! This pair is of course the stunning blue topaz and diamond drop earrings from Robinson Pelham which retailed at around £14,300 before they were sold out. The Princess of Wales wore this elegant pair of earrings to the 2015 film premiere of the James Bond movie Spectre.

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Susie Nelson, a style expert and founder of Modes and More told the Express,"Kate and Carole's shared mother-daughter fashion taste goes down to the smallest details. They both like jewellery by Cassandra Goad and Kiki McDonough. Princess Kate is thought to have borrowed her mother's earrings for a James Bond premiere." 

Although there aren't images of Carole in these earrings it has been reported that she wore them back in 2011 for her daughter's wedding reception at Buckingham Palace. The expert added, "[the earrings] which Carole had worn to her daughter's wedding reception years earlier."

Princess Catherine Carole Middleton earrings

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The expert added that the pair actually have very similar styles and have often had crossovers in their looks.

"Kate and Carole are both easy to dress as they are tall and slim. They have similar colouring, so, the same colours will suit them both. They both suit an elegant approach to dressing without layers of frills. Why does Carole borrow Kate's clothes? Because she thinks they will suit her, and it's an interesting reversal of the daughter pinching her mother's items," she said.

Princess Catherine Carole Middleton

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Susie added that there is an environmental benefit to this sharing of clothing. "Re-wearing and sharing clothes also gives a positive environmental message against 'throwaway' fast fashion. Carole is 68 years young and takes care of herself. She has said she wants to be an active grandmother, climbing trees and riding bikes with her grandchildren." 

The expert added that Carole opts for fashion that 'works for her' and is able to dress for any occasion, much like her daughter. "Regarding her youthful fashion sense, she is aware of what is on the catwalk but tends to stick to what works for her, be it jeans and a white shirt, frocks for Wimbledon or formal clothes for Westminster," Susie concluded.

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