Special news for Princess Beatrice ahead of her wedding


Princess Beatrice
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It’s likely Princess Beatrice is currently preoccupied with thoughts of her wedding plans.

  • Princess Beatrice and her fiancé EdoardoMapelli Mozzi confirmed their engagement in September 2019.
  • Despite likely being filled with thoughts about her nuptials, the royal has made sure to continue with important work.
  • This royal news (opens in new tab) comes after it was reported that the Duchess of York is launching her own lifestyle range (opens in new tab).

But the Queen’s granddaughter’s life as an engaged woman hasn't distracted her from getting on with some important charity missions.

Big Change is a charity founded by Princess Beatrice and six of her friends.

The organisation is set to launch a series of new projects that will focus of the wellbeing of those in education, with each of the new plans hoping to transform education and battle challenges within the system.

Princess Beatrice

The Big Education Conversation and the Big Leadership Adventure are just two of the projects going ahead, working on better preparing young people for their futures and ensuring children in the care system receive the same education opportunities as everyone else.

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“When you think about the scale of education reform that is needed and, what it will take to create a modern education system that is fit for purpose, it's it can be quite overwhelming. That's why we're bringing together innovative people who are that have some of the answers working on solutions and helping them scale their innovative ideas," the charity explained in a statement.

“By amplifying their impact, we can show the world that change is possible and importantly, provide a blueprint for how others to make it happen too. As we say at Big Change, education is everybody’s business and our work aims to empower educators, businesses, governments, parents, students and leaders all over the world to become agents of education change.”

Princess Beatrice

This comes after it was reported that Princess Beatrice and her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi are planning to have their wedding take place in Buckingham Palace.

It is thought that Her Majesty the Queen offered Princess Beatrice the royal residence to use as a venue.

No details of the big day have been officially confirmed, though. It is unknown where or when the ceremony will happen.

Princess Beatrice Prince Andrew

It has been claimed that Beatrice and her future husband have been forced to delay wedding plans amid the attention surrounding her father.

Prince Andrew stepped back from royal duties at the end of last year, after his “car crash” interview with BBC Newsnight about his friendship with convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein.