Princess Anne's unusual breakfast choice could be the secret to her tireless energy, but would you try it?

Princess Anne’s breakfast usually consists of a blackened banana. Certainly unusual, but could it be what keeps the notoriously hard-working royal going?

Princess Anne's breakfast choice might be behind her impressive motivation and energy
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A former royal chef has revealed that Princess Anne’s breakfast nearly always consists of a banana. Not so unusual? Well, the Princess Royal only eats blackened bananas. Though not the most appealing, brown and black bananas are actually considered a powerful antioxidant—something that could explain how Princess Anne keeps as busy as she does.

Princess Anne has long been known as one of the busiest royals.

She was officially the hardest working royal of the year in 2021, carrying out more public engagements than her brother, Prince Charles, nephew Prince William and even her mother, Her Majesty the Queen.

Anne has long been praised for her work ethic and commitment to charities and perhaps it is her healthy, but unusual, breakfast choice that gives her the energy to keep going.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady, who worked with the royals for over 15 years, told chat show TODAY, "Princess Anne almost always preferred her bananas almost black - overripe - because they digest easier."

Are overripe bananas good for you?

According to studies, when a banana has started to brown or blacken, it means all the starch and chlorophyll in the fruit has broken down into sugar.

This is why brown bananas are often used in baking, because they will taste sweeter.

A collection of bananas in different stages of ripeness

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But research published in an article on the food publication, Spoon University, suggests there could be tangible benefits to eating an overripe banana like the Princess Royal does.

The research suggests, "this breakdown of chlorophyll is the reason why antioxidant levels increase as bananas age… a fully brown banana is an antioxidant powerhouse."

LiveStrong also suggest that the antioxidants in a brown banana is beneficial in preventing or delaying cell damage in one's body.

They're also easier to digest for people with digestive ailments, including irritable bowel syndrome and functional abdominal bloating.

However, they do have a higher sugar content, so if you were thinking of following in Anne’s footsteps, be mindful of how much sugar you are consuming throughout the rest of the day.

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