Princess Anne's hilarious biscuit faux pas with Ab Fab star

Princess Anne had a hilarious run-in with this celebrity when the two had an awkward experience at a children's charity event

Princess Anne
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Princess Anne once had a hilarious run in with a British celebrity after she broke royal protocol and made a slight faux pas when it came to snacking.

In an interview with This Morning, Joanna Lumley revealed that she once had an awkward run-in with Princess Anne.

Princess Anne's wit has gained a reputation of its own. Examples include when she was called 'sexy' by a fan and the 71-year-old had a hilarious reaction, so perhaps it's no surprise that she's had similar run-ins with celebs before.

Joanna revealed that when attending a children's charity event in Wales, she and the Princess Royal had an awkward moment concerning a cookie.

The Absolutely Fabulous actress told Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield, "She’s very astute and wildly clever and she notices everything."

"I was talking too much, and somebody came round with a plate of chocolate biscuits. Because I’m senior to Princess Anne in age, nothing else, I would talk, talk, talk and I got the biscuit just up to about there," said the actress as she motioned towards her mouth, "and I saw her looking, I put it back, having breathed on it."

As the hosts of the show laughed at Joanna's reaction as Philip asked, “You put it back?!” The actress then revealed that Princess Anne reacted without saying a word and instead gave the actress, "a bit of a look."

The actress also revealed in the interview that she was somewhat of a royal expert and was releasing a book called, 'A Queen for All Seasons' about Princess Anne's mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Joanna Lumley

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Speaking about her book on This Morning, Joanna explained that her book is not a tell-all or a probe, but just a book that highlights the Queen's achievements during her time on the throne.

"It's all compiled into this book, made into different themes—it's not a history book, it's not a probe into her life."

"It's reflections of the Queen from all different parts and it builds up the most fantastic character in the center of it," continued Joanna as she added, "Here's somebody we all know so well but don't really know."

In this book, the author revealed the Queen's 'sensitive' gesture to 'trembling' guest and other sweet details about Her Majesty.

Joanna's book 'A Queen for All Seasons: A Celebration of Queen Elizabeth II on her Platinum Jubilee' was released on October 28 2021 and is currently a bestseller on Amazon.

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