Princess Anne shares the Queen’s secrets for always looking good and praises her ‘extraordinary perspective’ on current affairs

Princess Anne has shared some of the Queen’s secrets in an Australian magazine interview

Princess Anne shared the Queen's secrets to always looking her best
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Princess Anne has revealed the advice her mother, Her Majesty the Queen, shared with her about always looking good and dressing well. Anne, the Princess Royal, said that her mother focused on “style” with long-term value instead of chasing fashion trends.

In an interview with Women’s Weekly in Australia, Princess Anne shared a lot of insight into the lessons she has learned from both the Queen and her late father, Prince Philip.

One key learning Anne shared with the magazine was the Queen’s attitude to always look and dress well. Anne revealed that the Queen focused on “style” with long-term value instead of fashion trends.

Anne told the magazine, “The Queen and I had a discussion the other day about the difference between fashion and style and I think maybe that’s relevant in the sense that she didn’t do fashion but she certainly does style, and style tends to last longer.”

“You have an individual style and it’s a quality which has a long-term value.”

Anne has opened up about her mother's legacy and what she has taught her

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It wasn’t just the Queen’s enduring style that Anne praised. She heaped praise on the Queen for continuing to have an “extraordinary perspective” on current affairs, having the invaluable insight of serving throughout different chapters of history, and learning from world leaders.

“It’s a very difficult thing to put your finger on,” Anne said of her mother’s legacy. “I doubt if there’s a single description that would fit the bill.

“There is an element of constancy here in terms of attitude to service and recognition of service, the values that individuals bring... I think she’s been able to support that and bring those people to the fore in a way that is so important.”

Anne also touched on her late father, Prince Philip, commending his “unwavering support” for the Queen in the face of a tough start to royal life.

“I’m sure it wasn’t very easy to begin with because there was no such thing as a role then. He had to invent that one,” she said.

Anne shared some personal insights about the Queen and Prince Philip while on a tour of Australia

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“I think he also understood the things he was better staying out of—although it was quite difficult in the early days—but there were also distinct areas where he could help and did."

“His input and perspective and the fact that his travels took him to a slightly different area of the country and internationally could have a real impact. I think he learned how to distinguish when those moments were.”

Anne shared her thoughts as part of a three-day tour of Australia to mark the Platinum Jubilee, paired with a short trip to Papua New Guinea.

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