Princess Anne once climbed through a window at Balmoral - and we’ve found the picture to prove it!

Princess Anne once climbed through a window at Balmoral with help from two senior royals and the picture has to be seen to be believed

Princess Anne once climbed through a window at Balmoral. Seen here she officially opens the UK Hydrographic Office headquarters
(Image credit: Photo by Finnbarr Webster/Getty Images)

Princess Anne once climbed through a window at Balmoral - and we’ve come across the brilliant picture to prove it! 

Princess Anne has long been known for love of outdoor pursuits and horse-riding, following in the late Queen Elizabeth’s footsteps. Her equestrian abilities were showcased on the world stage through Princess Anne’s Olympic career and she became the first British Royal Family member to compete at the Olympics in 1976. But it’s far from the only sport she enjoys as the Princess Royal is also a keen sailor and reportedly marked her 70th birthday by sailing around the west coast of Scotland with her husband Sir Timothy Laurence. 

It’s possible she’ll head to Scotland again at some point this summer to visit King Charles and Queen Camilla at Balmoral. Either way this historic home is where Princess Anne once climbed through a window, highlighting her athleticism from a far earlier age than some might’ve thought!

Queen Elizabeth II and Charles, Prince of Wales helping Princess Anne through an open window at Balmoral Castle

(Image credit: Photo by Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The adventurous moment took place back in September 1952 and we’ve come across this brilliant throwback snap that captures Princess Anne’s climb. In it, the then-two-year-old Princess Royal can be seen being helped through a window by King Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

With her brother standing on the ground outside and reaching his hands towards her legs, Princess Anne’s hands are held carefully by their mother. Her Majesty’s face is a picture of concentration as she ensured that her daughter made it through the window safely. There are also other pictures from that occasion, charting Princess Anne's progress and showing her brother standing on another windowsill close by.

Now often seen championing practical clothing like her layered look at the 2023 Festival of British Eventing, it seems even as a small child Princess Anne dressed appropriately for her activities. In the photo she can be seen wearing trousers like the ones the then-Prince Charles had on, as well as what seems to be a warm coat.

Queen Elizabeth playing with Prince Charles and Princess Anne in the garden of Balmoral Castle

(Image credit: Photo by Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

It’s not entirely clear from the snaps whether Queen Elizabeth is helping her daughter out of the window or in through it from outside, though in the second it looks more like the latter. Either way, it seems like she was having fun with her brother. It’s also heart-warming to see Queen Elizabeth taking time out from her busy daily schedule to assist the Princess Royal. 

Princess Anne climbing through a window at Balmoral could also be seen to showcase her fearlessness and confidence. This was something that a former royal nanny Mabel Anderson once remarked upon, as per The Express. Comparing a young Princess Anne and King Charles she once claimed Princess Anne had a “much stronger, more extrovert personality”. 

Queen Elizabeth sitting with her children, Charles and Anne and a royal corgi in the garden of Balmoral Castle

(Image credit: Photo by Lisa Sheridan/Studio Lisa/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

This extrovert personality certainly shines through in her Balmoral exploits and whilst they might differ slightly, she and King Charles are understood to have maintained a very close bond. Princess Anne took a key role in His Majesty’s coronation as Gold-Stick-In-Waiting and rode alongside him on horseback at Trooping the Colour too.

She’ll no doubt continue to support him and the monarchy strongly throughout the rest of the year and beyond when she resumes royal duties on 29th August. 

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