Princess Anne no longer the most popular royal, according to survey, as unexpected royals pip her to the post

Princess Anne fans will be shocked by the survey's findings

Princess Anne
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You read that right, fan favorite Princess Anne is no longer the most popular royal, according to a survey of the Commonwealth, which sees the next generation of royals surging in popularity.

Princess Anne

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There's no denying she's one hell of a character and everything from Princess Anne's firm response to falling over during a recent engagement to Princess Anne's effortless style has many enraptured.

However, a poll of 22,701 people that was taken ahead of King Charles's coronation indicates her status as the most popular royal is waning. The research was compiled of respondents from all 15 realms of the Commonwealth, regarding the British Royal Family. 

The survey titled Unchartered Realms, undertaken by Lord Ashcroft, is an insight into the true opinion of people across the Commonwealth. The results found a mixed bag of opinions among those surveyed with King Charles dubbed an 'oddball' by some and others feeling great affection for the monarch.

When it comes to royal ranking, at the very top is the late Queen Elizabeth II, with 76% approval rating, which will be of no surprise to anyone. Bringing up the rear with 64% is Prince William in second place, followed by his late mother Princess Diana with 63%, and in fourth place Princess Anne with 62%.

Princess Anne

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The Queen's only daughter has become somewhat of a fashion icon throughout the years, as well as being known for her quick wit and sassy responses. Who could forget that one time Princess Anne told photographers to 'naff off' back in her professional equestrian days? Or the forgotten kidnap attempt against Princess Anne, that very nearly spelled disaster - but the tough-as-nails royal was having none of it.

This may be why so many feel an affinity for the hardworking royal. In fact, she's so beloved that many believe that Princess Anne should be further up the line of succession.

Princess Anne, Princess Royal talks to guests during a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

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Out and about, HRH Princess Anne appears to be just as popular as ever with her loyal fans. One example was on May 9, when the Princess Royal, Prince and Princess of Wales, and Duchess of Edinburgh attended a Buckingham Palace Garden Party. 

Fashion fans were wowed by Princess Anne’s embroidered Garden Party coat dress, which may have broken Queen Elizabeth's ultimate fashion rule, but it was clear that those in attendance marveled at her sparkling personality.

Although the latest poll indicates otherwise - we're sure that Princess Anne's status in the top-five most popular royals isn't going anywhere.

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