Princess Anne looks 'spectacular' in bold scarlet jacket and fun matching hat

Princess Anne's red and tartan ensemble was a total showstopper as Her Royal Highness stole the show at the Braemar Gathering

Princess Anne's red and tartan ensemble
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Princess Anne's red and tartan ensemble was the perfect look as the Princess Royal stepped out to support the King in Scotland.

On Saturday, Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal joined the King and Queen to attend the Braemar Gathering. The trio all wore tartan skirts to show their support and respect for the Highland games and Scottish tradition. The King debuted his own tartan which has been made specifically for him as the new monarch. It is thought that the Queen opted for the Lord of the Isles tartan and the Princess Royal wore the Stewart Hunting tartan.

The Princess looked wonderful at this event as she opted for a knee-length tartan skirt which had colours of green, red, navy, and yellow appearing in the tartan. The Princess wore this skirt with nude tights and a pair of navy loafers which matched her gloves and the navy handbag she squashed under her arm and hugged tight into her body. 

Matching the streaks of red in this kilt, the Princess wore a red coat that was double-breasted and had neat rows of buttons across the body of the piece. The jacket had slightly raised shoulders and added a structured military style to this bold scarlet jacket. The colour of the Princess's hat was a perfect match to this jacket and had a tilted almost beret style to it. The hat was the perfect addition to the look and pulled the ensemble together.

In a very un-Princess Anne move, the Princess also added a swipe of red lipstick to her lips to match her ensemble. As the Princess isn't known for wearing a bold lip very frequently, this was a welcome and fun addition to this look from the Princess Royal.

Princess Anne

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Fans loved seeing the royals gathered for this event which had roots that go back for more than 900 years. Fans were also particulalrly delighted by Princess Anne's ensemble and many commented with their compliments on the social media post. 

"I love the new tartan! And I love the Princess Royal's outfit! 😍❤️," said one enthusiastic fan. "That’s a very nice tartan for the King. Princess Anne looks spectacular!" agreed another.

"Beautiful tartan and Princess Anne looks stunning in red," said one commenter. "HRH the princess royal should always wear a red hat ❤️," added another.

"Princess Anne is such a delight!" said one royal fan. "Princess Anne is beautiful in her kilt," another yet another.

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