Princess Anne gave daughter Zara Tindall ‘the gift of freedom’ by raising her to be ‘a non-royal’ claims body language expert

The mother-daughter duo have a ‘strong affection’ for one another

Princess Anne and Zara Tindall
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According to a body language expert, Princess Anne has given her daughter Zara Tindall ‘the gift of freedom’ by raising her to be ‘a non-royal.’ 

Royal fans have got to see a lot more of Zara Tindall, her husband Mike Tindall whom she met in an Australian bar back in 2003, and the pair's three children recently. While Zara is not a working royal and doesn't hold a title like her mother, Princess Anne's only daughter has been spotted at more royal occasions including the Coronation celebrations, the night before which she partied with husband Mike until 2am, and the Royal Family's Easter Day Service where she turned up in a stunning hot pink dress and the perfect pair of nude heels.

The royal's candid confessions and relatable behavior have given her a place in the public's hearts. From sharing how she struggled to get her 'body back' after becoming a mom to her displays of affections that make her 'different' from other members of the Royal Family, there's plenty to love about Zara.

But the reason behind her 'free-spirited' and loveable character can be put down to one decision Zara's mom, Princess Anne, made when raising her, a body language expert has claimed. 

Speaking to The Express about Princess Anne's choice to raise Zara as a 'non-royal,' body language expert Judi James explained, "Both Zara and Anne had a formal, royal side to their upbringing but it was Zara who was given the gift of freedom from her mother when she made her a non-royal, while Anne has been a pillar of the Firm with a life of duty and hard work."

She added, "Anne donated the gift of freedom to her daughter Zara and Zara in turn seems to have given her mother a family environment where she can let her hair down and be a 'fun' granny and mother away from all the formality of her royal duties."

Princess Anne and Zara Tindall

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Digging into the relationship between the mother-daughter duo, the expert revealed, "Sightings of these two women together are reasonably rare because Zara is not a working royal, meaning we tend to see them together at royal equine events like Ascot, or the biggest royal events like weddings and funerals. And when we do Anne will tend to be up there with the top tier in the royal Firm, while Zara and family will often arrive with the other family groups.

"When we see them at family gatherings though, a surprising side of Anne emerges as she fulfils the role of granny and mother rather than Princess. Normally serious and rather imposing she will show her tactile, fun side and the older she gets the more we see Zara, Mike and their children as well as Peter and his girls bring that side out."

"The bonds between mother and daughter are obvious at any event though, from the mutual gazes that pass between them of strong affection and mutual respect. Both Anne and Zara had successful careers as riders and this shared passion seems to have added an extra level to their bonding, just as it did between Anne and her mother the late Queen Elizabeth II."

Princess Anne and Zara Tindall

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While we're used to seeing a stoic stature from Princess Anne, Judi James pointed out a softness in the mother that she cites as the cause for Zara's 'free-spirited' character and 'playful' approach to parenting. 

She shared, "We are so used to seeing Zara as the member of the Royal Family who is uninhibited when it comes to body language signals of playful fun, affection and even passion, with her tactile and loving displays with her husband Mike. While there might seem to be few similarities in the parenting styles of Anne and Zara, the mother-of-three would have learnt those behaviours from her own upbringing.

"And that means their parenting styles as mothers might be similar. Watching Anne with her grandchildren we can see her going almost into the 'child' state herself, playing and laughing with few, if any signs of imposing rules of behaviour.

"Anne’s relationship with Mike looks equally relaxed. Mike is clearly the fun guy of the Royal Family and his sporting glory adds a heroic quality that Anne would obviously admire.

"He appears unfazed by royal status and that would presumably suit Anne down to the ground."

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