Prince William had the best reaction to the public finding out about his 'One Pint Willy' nickname

Prince William's reaction to his 'One Pint Willy' nickname becoming public knowledge is actually pretty wholesome

Prince William sips a pint in a pub
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Prince William's reaction to his 'One Pint Willy' nickname becoming public knowledge is actually pretty sweet and shows his close relationship with Mike Tindall.

Of all of the interesting facts about Prince William, one of the more surprising ones is that the Prince of Wales has a rather unique nickname within the Royal Family - One Pint Willy. 

On January 11th, Prince William revealed his reaction to this nickname when he met with rugby coach Kevin Sinfield and former rugby league player Rob Burrow, to award them with CBEs for their work raising awareness about motor neurone disease. The trio met at Headingley Stadium in Leeds and briefly chatted about Mike Tindall, who revealed the cheeky nickname he gave Prince William when he appeared on The Total Sport Podcast with Rob Burrow.

In the podcast interview back in December 2023, Rob asked Mike about being in the Royal Family and if she had any nicknames for the royals. Mike revealed the fun nickname he had for his cousin-in-law, Prince William. "For the Prince of Wales, he is known as One Pint Willy. He is known to me as One Pint Willy because he is not the best of drinkers, coming from a sport where it is built on the social aspect and a couple of beers being sunk quite often. That is one I will definitely give away for the Prince of Wales," he said. He then added jokingly "Sorry Sir!"

Prince William pulls a pint in a pub with Princess Catherine

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While meeting with Rob at the CBE engagement on January 11th, the Prince joked that the former footballer did well to get the 'One Pint Willy' nickname from his cousin-in-law. He also revealed that Mike apologised to him after he spilled the beans on the podcast.

Per The Mirror, the Prince of Wales said to Rob, "It was you who got the nicknames out of him. He apologised to me about that. When I saw him, I said: 'Mike, when you’re not going to mention your nicknames doesn’t mean you mention mine, it’s not fair.' I’m sure it’s quite fun with Mike."

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Although the Prince of Wales suggested that Mike Tindall didn't share any of his nicknames on the podcast, he did actually reveal some of the pet names he and Zara use for one another."We basically call each other munchkins a lot or my love. I normally use munchkin don’t know why that started but it has stuck. I will let Zara decide whether she wants to give away what I am down in her phone as..." said Mike on the podcast.

Zara added, "A lot of those nicknames kind of fly around, when he's not listening to the munchkin or the Mikey, then it becomes like Michael or Michael Tindall when there's no response," she said. "He is in my phone as something else and it ends with kitten. So you can fill the first word in."

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