Prince William jokes about his bottom being pinched - but it's Catherine's reaction we're loving!

Prince William's bottom-pinching joke at a recent royal engagement has delighted fans

Prince William's bottom-pinching joke
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Prince William's bottom-pinching joke made everyone laugh at a recent royal engagement - but it was the Princess of Wales's reaction that we're obsessed with!

The Prince and Princess of Wales were in Cardiff last week as they marked the start of Black History Month with a visit to Grange Pavilion. While in Wales, the couple spoke with the Windrush Cymru Elders about the contribution of the Windrush Generation to the Welsh community. The Royal couple got stuck into the engagement and at the end of their visit, they grouped together with the attendees to pose for a photograph.

While waiting for the photo to be taken, the Prince decided to lighten the mood with a joke, and spontaneously  (and loudly) asked, "Who's pinching my bottom?" The crowd burst into laughter at the cheeky joke from the future king. 


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However, before laughing along with the crowd, Kate Middleton quickly looked down and checked that someone wasn't pinching her husband's bottom. She then looked at his face and realised it was a silly joke and no one would actually be so bold as to pinch the future King's derriere, so laughed along with the crowd.

Fans adored the Princess's reaction and many took to social media to joke about how she reacted to the moment.  "The way Kate CHECKED FIRST then laughed at his joke 🤣😂🤣," said one commenter. "Kate was checking like, Lemme make sure I don't have to throw hands 😂," added another.

Prince William

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Fans adored this 'down-to-earth' moment from the royal couple and many complimented the royals for their sense of fun. "OMG. I love this. So down to earth. That is why William and Kate will make a wonderful team for King and Queen," said one commenter. "Ahhh I just love these two. Gorgeous couple! Long live the future king & his queen 👑 👑," said another.

While some felt like Prince William's tactic of making jokes to guarantee the best group photo is something he learnt from the late Queen, others suggested that his sense of humour displayed in this video reminded them of an entirely different member of the Royal Family.

"That sounds like something Diana would say to lighten the mood!" said one commenter. "Same sense of humour as his mum 🥰," agreed another. 

Prince William

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For this engagement, Kate Middleton’s navy pinstripe blazer and £68 Shyla pearl hoop earrings combination were a masterclass in understated elegance. The Princess of Wales has been wearing a variety of blazers in different shades and patterns for recent engagements.

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