Prince William has some brilliant advice for son George on how to treat women

Prince George told William that he is ‘better’ at sport than Charlotte – and his dad had a great response.

Prince William Prince George

Prince George and dad William clearly have a great relationship and are often pictured hand in hand or sharing a private joke together.

But it’s great to see that William is teaching his son good values, especially when it comes to gender equality.

Olivia Hancock, a 14-year-old gender equality in sport activist, revealed to PEOPLE magazine how Prince William addresses sibling rivalry.

Olivia was visiting the palace to receive a Legacy honour from the Diana Award charity. Olivia uses her love of football to campaign against sexism in sport; “I want women to be treated the same in the game.”

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“He said, ‘When George and Charlotte play football, George gets Charlotte to go in goal because he says he is better.’

"But Prince William says to him, ‘Charlotte could be as good as you, George, so give her the same chances’,” Olivia told PEOPLE.

Olivia also said that it was “great to hear that Prince William is saying that to George.

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“My message is for every girl to have the same opportunities as boys in football. If boys want to they can dance, for girls – they can play football.

“I think that was really good as it shows Prince William is standing up for equality as well. He is doing something for women in sport.

She went on to say how down-to-earth and friendly William was.

“It was so nice. He was so like down-to-earth and made time for each of us and for us to tell our stories and what we do. He listened to all of us and every word we said and was really interested. He said that his mother would have been really proud of us.

“Princess Diana was such an inspiration to everyone. She was such a kind and caring person,” Olivia concluded.

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