Prince Harry is 'echoing' Princess Diana's bravery and 'fearless desire for freedom' in new biography

A former royal aide has spoken out about Prince Harry's similarities to the 'fearless' Princess Diana

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Prince Harry is 'echoing' his mother, Princess Diana, by facing the consequences of telling his own story, according to a former royal aide.

  • Princess Diana’s former private voice and presence coach Stewart Pearce has opened up about the similar traits Prince Harry has to that of his mother, Princess Diana.
  • He insisted that Harry inheriting his mother’s bravery is what lead him to sign the memoir deal.
  • In other royal news, Harry and Meghan have welcomed a new family member with the sweetest name.

Stewart told OK! that Harry, who is releasing a tell-all memoir later this year, had the same view as Diana when it came to telling his story. He said, "She would have written her autobiography full of all the many things she learned from her experiences within the Royal Family, and beyond.

“Diana loved to write personal correspondence, which for her added the personal touch, added love to the people she cared for.”

But, like Harry, Stewart added that Princess Diana would have waited until the time was right to do it. "She would have waited until the moment was absolutely specific," he explained. 

"And it would always have been in alignment with her charitable endeavour and used it as a way of speaking beyond the one particular concern into much broader measures of how she could bring freedom to the spirit of all people."

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Stewart also added that Harry's decision to tell his life story echoes his mother's outlook on life and desire to "speak her truth".

"The reason why Harry is bring forth a memoir is to correct a lot of erroneous stories about the nature of his life over the last 25 years since Diana's death," he said.

"He is pregnant with the conviction of honesty and with leverage of transparency. He felt that he was very much a victim as he tried to steer his way forward being the freedom fighter and liberationist that he is; particularly in relation to Meghan Markle, who is very much a hallmark of the new American female."

Last month, it was reported that Prince Harry's tell-all memoir had been 'signed off' and is ready for publication by Christmas.

The Sun explained how following calendar-related pushbacks, the autobiography is now officially scheduled to be released by "the end of the year." They quoted a publishing source saying, "The manuscript has been finished and gone through all of the legal processes. It's done and out of Harry's hands."

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