Prince Charles reveals well-kept secret about Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding day

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has spoken out the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding day, revealing a very well-kept secret.

Prince Charles was interviewed on Classic FM recently, as he discussed the importance of classic music, especially during this difficult time.

But during the special broadcast, he revealed that he played an even more special role on William and Catherine’s wedding day.

"I love trying to organise some interesting, I hope, pieces of music for certain occasions…particularly for weddings if people want," he told host Alan Titchmarsh.

"I know my eldest son was quite understanding and was perfectly happy for me to suggest a few pieces for their wedding. I hope that gave some people pleasure, but it's rather fun having orchestras in for great occasions like that, and why not suggest a few pieces occasionally? Anyway... I do enjoy it."

How lovely!

Prince William and Kate Middleton

During the show, Prince Charles also revealed how important classic music is to him, and lamented the difficulties the industry is facing now.

“I’ve spent a large proportion of my life trying to help them survive or raise money. They are so utterly vital to this country and play such a huge part in culture and diplomacy. But at the moment, of course, they are completely silent and unable to operate, unable to work.

“Only today, I was hearing that the Royal Opera House, which I’ve been Patron of the Chorus and Orchestra for 45 years and loved going there more than anything since I was seven years old, they’re in terrible difficulties of course, because how are they going to be able to restart?

“It is a very expensive art form, but it’s crucial because it has such a worldwide impact and our reputation in this country with music and the quality of music and singing and everything else, is very high.

“We have to find a way to make sure these marvellous people and organisations can survive through it all.”

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