Prince Charles reveals his sweet last words to Prince Philip before his death

Prince Charles' last words to the Duke of Edinburgh, on the eve of his death, have been revealed

Prince Charles
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Prince Charles' heartbreaking last words to his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, have allegedly been revealed in a new documentary.

A documentary titled, Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers is set to air this Wednesday on the BBC. 

The documentary will honor Prince Philip who died at age 99 at Windsor Castle on April 9, 2021. Prince Philip’s cause of death was old age as he was just months away from his hundredth birthday and had reportedly suffered from deteriorating health for many weeks ahead of his death. 

Prince William and Prince Harry have paid 'heartwarming' tributes in BBC's first teaser clip for this documentary honoring the Duke's life. Alongside these sweet tributes, it has also been reported that Prince Charles' final farewell to his father on the eve of his death has been revealed.

The Daily Mail reported that Prince Charles spoke to his father on his death bed about the Duke's birthday. "We're talking about your birthday," said Charles over the phone to his father. 

Reportedly Charles said this message 'slightly tremulously', as he knew Prince Philip was not keen on the idea. Prince Charles then repeated to his father, who was hard of hearing, "We're talking about your birthday! And whether there's going to be reception!"

Hilariously, Prince Philip had a very on-brand response and told his son, "Well, I've got to be alive for it, haven't I?"

"I knew you'd say that!" retorted Prince Charles to his father.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Prince Philip

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This sweet father and son memory is likely to be one of the many discussed in the show that honors Prince Philip's life.

Following his death, many members of the royal family paid tribute to his memory and shared lovely stories about the Duke of Edinburgh. Princess Eugenie shared a heartbreaking tribute that recalled sweet memories of Prince Philip and spoke about how he will live on in his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Prince William also paid tribute to his grandfather Prince Phillip with a sweet photograph of Prince Philip and Prince George, the Duke's great-grandson. 

The full documentary titled, 'Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers' will be available to view on BBC One at 9pm on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

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