Prince Philip’s cause of death has been announced almost a month after he passed away

Prince Philip’s cause of death has been revealed on his death certificate

Prince Philip's cause of death
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Prince Philip’s cause of death has been revealed almost a month after the Duke of Edinburgh passed away on 9th April 2021, just a few months shy of his 100th birthday.

• Prince Philip’s cause of death has been revealed by The Telegraph.

• This news comes almost a month after the Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 at Windsor Castle.

• In other royal news, The Queen shares a sweet memory of Prince Philip in a message marking a special anniversary.

Sir Huw Thomas, the head of the Royal Medical Household, certified the Duke’s death and announced that the Prince died of ‘old age’, reports The Telegraph.

Old age is an acceptable term that can be used in the UK. However, this is only acceptable in certain cases. The government guidelines state that this cause of death can be registered if the physician has cared for the deceased for a long period of time, the physician has observed a gradual decline in the patient’s health and functioning, the physician is not aware of any disease or injury that contributed to the patient’s death, and the physician is certain that there is no reason that the death should be reported to the coroner.

Sir Huw Thomas has served as the head of the Royal Medical Household for seven years and has worked in the Royal Medical Household for 15 years in total.

Sir Huw received his knighthood in the 2021 New Year Honours. He said in an interview with Imperial College London, “I feel very grateful to have been recognised for my service to date.” He also revealed, ”It is a great honour to be Physician to the Queen. It’s a very enjoyable and rewarding role—completely different from what I would normally be doing.”

Prince Philip’s death certificate

Aside from revealing that the Duke of Edinburgh died of ‘old age’, the Duke's death certificate also included some other information about the Duke’s life.

It also included Prince Philip’s full title and paid homage to his various names during his life. His name was listed as, “His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh formerly known as Prince Philippos of Greece and Denmark, formerly known as Philip Mountbatten.”

It was revealed that two jobs were listed on the Prince’s death certificate. His first role listed was his job as a Naval Officer, his second role was listed as, “husband of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, The Sovereign.”

The Telegraph revealed that the Duke’s death was registered on 13th April, four days after he passed away. His death was registered in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead by his private secretary Brigadier Archie Miller-Bakewell. In the UK, deaths must be registered within five days of the person’s death.

Since Prince Philip's death, his family have paid tribute to his memory. Prince William and Kate Middleton honored Prince Philip with touching photograph and Princess Eugenie shared a heartbreaking tribute. Recently, Prince Charles has thanked royal fans for their condolences with rare childhood photo of him with Prince Philip

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