Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall in for disappointment as list of most popular royals is revealed

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  • Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have received some bad news as the list of the most popular royals has been revealed.

    A new survey with over 4,000 participants done by the Daily Mirror has revealed the most popular royals, but Prince Charles and Camilla missed out on the top spots.

    The royal couple were one of the least popular royals when compared to other senior members of the royal family.

    Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall

    Credit: Getty

    In contrast, the Duchess of Cambridge came out on top, followed by the Queen and Prince William.

    Despite their very controversial royal exit, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle managed to nab fourth and sixth place respectively, while Princess Anne secured spot number five.

    Prince Charles and Camilla were also beaten by Zara Tindall and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

    The most popular royals

    1. Duchess of Cambridge
    2. Queen Elizabeth II
    3. Prince William
    4. Prince Harry
    5. Princess Anne r
    6. Meghan Markle
    7. Zara Tindall
    8. Sophie, Countess of Wessex
    9. Prince Charles
    10. Duchess of Cornwall
    Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle

    Catherine came out as the most popular royal while Meghan secured spot number six (Credit: Getty)

    Discussing the surprising results on the podcast “Pod Save the Queen”, host Ann Gripper and Daily Mirror royal editor Russell Myers said the ranking was unfait to Charles and Camilla.

    “I did think it was interesting, a maybe a little bit worrying, but also maybe actually this is just what happens, but Charles and Camilla, who are the next King and Queen Consort/Princess Consort, whatever Camilla’s title ends up being, they came lower down the rankings,” Gripper explained.

    “I think they’ve done pretty well ‒ he had coronavirus, Camilla’s been brilliant,” Gripper added. “I mean, Sophie’s star is obviously rising because she’s getting a lot more play, but who was number seven? Zara Tindall? I thought that was quite unfair.”

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