Prince Charles 'doesn't look impressed' as he hides insecurity after catching COVID-19

Prince Charles' appearance at his second outing since his Covid isolation has drawn criticism from royal fans

Prince Charles 'doesn't look impressed' after catching Covid
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Prince Charles may be recovered from COVID-19, but it looks like his spirits have yet to return to their regular cheerful levels. 

The Prince of Wales has stepped out for his second royal engagement since recovering from Covid-19, which he has now contracted twice since the onset of the pandemic. Duchess Camilla tested positive for the virus shortly after her husband's diagnosis and is still self-isolating. 

The 73-year-old visited the Hereford Cathedral in Herefordshire on Tuesday, where he met with the 11th-century building's archivist and librarian to discuss its rich history and its future developments. He also marveled at the church's restoration work and viewed an exhibition in celebration of the Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust's 25th anniversary. 

The King-to-be then met farmers and forestry apprentices at the Duchy of Cornwall Estate, a private estate that funds the royal heir's income. Looking right at home, Charles said a friendly hello to the farm's sheep after using a hooked cane to traipse down its rolling hills. 

While there's little doubt that the Prince enjoyed the country engagement, royal fans are worried that he's still not entirely himself in light of his recent infection. 

Charles' appearance during the outdoorsy trip has drawn attention from a handful of folks, with one even commenting on his glum expression during the visit to the cathedral. 

"Charles doesn't look impressed," one person noted on Clarence House's Instagram page. 

It also seems that the Prince, whose Covid isolation ended last Thursday, was keen to hide a certain body part throughout his visit. 

The future sovereign was photographed multiple times shoving his hands into his pockets at both the cathedral and the farm, in what looked to be a clever attempt to distract from his so-called insecurity. Prince Charles' 'sausage fingers' have long been the subject of public concern, with many fans worried that his puffy hands could be a sign of something more serious. 

Meanwhile, the Queen's Covid diagnosis has forced the monarch to cancel her weekly meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Her Majesty is understood to be experiencing 'mild, cold-like' symptoms, after testing positive for the virus on Sunday, 20 February. 

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