Prince Charles' cheeky reaction to Boris Johnson's latest public blunder divides royal fans

Prince Charles couldn’t help but laugh when the Prime Minister made a faux pas at a recent event

Prince Charles and Boris Johnson
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Prince Charles and the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, attended a police officer memorial event yesterday and despite the serious setting, the Prime Minister made a fumble that even made Prince Charles laugh.

Prince Charles and the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended a memorial to honor police officers who have died in the line of duty, with the future King leading the unveiling. 

Charles revealed a 12-metre high brass structure that honors the thousands of fallen police officers who have lost their lives and shared his admiration for the UK's police force. 

"On behalf of the nation, I would particularly like to express my profound gratitude for the valour and sacrifice of those who have laid down their lives to keep us safe, to remember their families who mourn, and to recognise those who continue to serve in order to safeguard our freedoms," said Prince Charles.

Despite the serious nature of the moving event, the Prime Minister and Prince of Wales did both find a moment for some levity as the pair laughed at Boris' unruly umbrella. 

Prince Charles

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The moment that Prince Charles chuckled as Boris' umbrella flew inside-out in the wind was captured on video and has since gone viral on social media. 

In the footage, Boris can be seen having difficulty opening the umbrella before offering it to Home Secretary Priti Patel, who was sat behind him and Prince Charles.

Then as Boris tried to fix the umbrella, it suddenly was caught by a gust of wind and completely inverted.

As Prince Charles turned away from the man he was chatting with, he noticed Boris' debacle and couldn’t help but laugh.

The Prime Minister quickly fixed his umbrella, but the pair continued to giggle at his minor misfortune. 

Prince Charles Boris Johnson

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As the clip gained attention from royal fans on social media, reactions were divided. 

"I may have watched more than once. Just the laugh I needed," one commenter wrote. 

"Even the Prince couldn't help but giggle. Prince Charles is a legend & so are all those brave police officers who put they life in the line of duty," another penned. 

"Bojo does make me laugh, love him or hate him he’s [definitely] a classic," a third chipped in to add. 

Others weren't so keen to see Charles and Boris giggling at the emotional event. 

"Time and place for acting the fool!! This was never it," said one unimpressed social media user. 

Another asked, "[Is it] Just me thinks this is disgraceful?"

"He looked embarrassed and so he should have," one more wrote. 

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